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Question: How come the great debates happened when we had no mass media instant coverage? The @ss kissing media, could not moderate a cake sale at the flea market, and are lacking in preparation, for lack of education lost to indoctrination. They remark afterwards on hair style, cleverage, and overlook the main reason for a debate. Lincoln and Douglas.

Answer:: Says it all really doesn't it.it. Don't blame the media, blame American society - media only reflect what society wants to see (discuss) - You may not agree, but hopefully you see what I mean. Could be something to do with that great American institution called Hollywood.
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Question: a while ago a saw an infomercial of a hair spray that styled your hair any way u want what is it called? it supposedly would curl your hair, give instant volume, and flare your hair. in the infomercial there were alot of ladies in chairs and a man did all their hair in each in seconds. it wasnt regular hair spray. the man would spray it and move their hair with his hands and bam. in a couple of.

Answer:: That's the idea you style your hair how you want it and the hair spray holds it together in place. You curl your hair with curling tongs then the hair spray holds it.it.
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Question: Is there a gel out there for straightened hair? I straighten my hair every time I do my hair because I don't like how wavy it is.is. The gels that I've tried make my hair wavy again and I just haven't found one that allows me to style my hair as if I have normally.

Answer:: I straighten my hair too and used to have the same problem. Then i got this stuff called NAK Done and Dusted. Its like a powder, dust sort of thing. You put the tiniest little bit in your palm and when you put it in your hair you can style just like you do with wax, except its DRY. SO YOUR HAIR WONT GO CURLY. You should really get some, its worth it (:
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Question: Does instant freeze work on wet hair? I was just wondering because I want a way to style my hair without taking a hour or more straightening it.it. So if I go and get instant freeze, probably by Aussie, will it work while my hair is still wet.

Answer:: it works well with my hair if your using the hairspray it dries with a wet look but a stiff texture i recommend the moose

Instant Gratification 20% OFF

Question: why does the instant freeze mousse make my hair curlier than it is? well i have instant freeze sculpting mousse and it says it can sculpt or style your hair the way you want to.to. but instead of making it wavy it makes it curlier than it usually is.is.

Answer:: thats what mousse is for making your hair curlier
Mariska Hargitay with Short Bob Hairstyle

For the month of MAY we are offering 20% ALL TEXTURE TREATMENTS~!!!!!!!

Must be booked on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesdays!

Instant Gratification. Okay, I know, if you have curly hair, you want it straight and if you have it straight, you want it curly, then there is the in-between lady who doesn’t have curly just a frizzy out of control wave. I am going to explain some treatments we offer here at Salon Envy that will give you that exactly, INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Each treatment we offer in the salon will change the TEXTURE of your hair instantly. We have the best of all worlds. Straight to beachy, straight to curly, wavy to straight, frizzy wave to smooth beachy, curly to straight, curly to beachy, and everything in between. First, I am going to tell you about the NEWEST addition to Salon Envy. It is Shape Control by Redken.

There are 2 variations of this service- Urban Smooth and Urban Curls

Urban Smooth

This treatment has the smoothing effects like a keratin treatment but changes the “S” pattern in the hair to permanently straighten and smooth down your hair.

Question: which hair gel is best for instant exact hair style? suggest plz.

Answer:: Hair tonic
Indian Black Long Wavy Hairstyle Indian Black Long Wavy Hairstyle The Urban Smooth Safe Straightening Service provides the ultimate straight, smooth results that last as well as volume and frizz control, even at high humidity levels. Redken’s service will thermally recondition hair to make it softer, smoother and shinier than before the service.

Urban Curls

Urban Curls is almost the exact service as Urban Smooth except that it is done with a curling iron instead of a flat iron. This will produce a smooth beachy wave. I feel like this is what is HOT right now in the hair world. It is the looser curl and undone sexy wave. We can do this on curly hair to smooth it out or on straight hair to give it texture.

Frequently Asked Questions from Redken

How long after a Shape Control service should I wait to have my hair colored?
Redken recommends waiting at least 2 weeks before a permanent color service on hair that has had a Shape Control service. A demi-permanent color can be applied the same day as the Urban Smooth service. Your stylist can determine the best time to color your hair.

Will Shape Control completely straighten my hair?
The degree of smoothing results will vary depending on the texture, volume and density of your natural hair and if heat is used during the service.

Question: does the instant hair style BUMPITS work well? should i order them or no.no.

Answer:: I actually just bought some of these, and I really like them. It took me about 5 minutes after opening the box to figure out how to work them into my hair. You need to tease and spray the area before you put them in, and then spray again once you have them placed in right. It's pretty simple I think. I think everybody should buy some. if you have blonde hair that is very.
However, after the Urban Smooth Safe Straightening service, you will have much more control than you had before the service and will be able to style and blow-dry your hair faster.

Can I have a Shape Control service if I already had a Brazilian keratin treatment?
Yes, but your stylist will need to analyze your hair before application to ensure it is in the proper condition for the service.

How long does Shape Control last?
Shape Control is a permanent service; however, as with any texture service there is always a degree of relaxation or reversion of curl over time. Many factors will affect the durability of the service such as frequency of shampooing, drying the hair straight, use of appropriate at home products and re-conditioning treatments. Daily use of styling products helps to increase longevity. Be sure to ask your stylist to recommend the appropriate take home regimen as well as in-salon treatments, care and styling tips to maximize the life of your texture service.
When can I shampoo after a Shape Control service?
Redken recommends waiting 48 hours before shampooing after a texture service for optimal results and durability.

Question: is layers the way to go for instant hair styling? I know the layers are the easy solve for a wake-up-and-go lifestyle, but is there any others.

Answer:: theres straight medium length hair with straight bangs above your eyebrows. theres the bob. and then theres the layers.

When can I put my hair in a ponytail after the service?
Redken recommends waiting 24-48 hours before putting hair in a ponytail to avoid leaving demarcations on the hair.





This treatment will tame down your frizz, smooth your hair, increase manageability and improve your hairs condition over time.

We also carry the “Straight” line that will give a little of the same technology back INTO your hair each time you wash and style, so the in-salon treatment will last longer. This treatment is formaldehyde free, cystein free, & Lye free.  I recommend this with ANY smoothing treatment because it is sulfate free so it will not strip the treatment and it will keep your hair smooth and your treatment lasting longer.

Bumble & bumble ConcenStraight is a safe & effective alternative to keratin treatments.



La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatments

We also offer the La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatments. These are my ultimate favorite! This hair treatment is a keratin and collagen treatment that will restore your hair back to a VIRGIN-like state. Your hair will be shiny, smooth, and silky....


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


, 1965
EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.
The complete book of hairstyling
The complete book of hairstyling
ISBN 1552975762,9781552975763 , Firefly Books Ltd , 2012
Offers easy-to-follow instructions for creating over one hundred hairstyles for all hair types, including tips on hair care, styling basics, and matching styles with face shapes and skin tones.

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Hairstyles That Appear On This Page Were Created Using Our Instant
Hairstyles That Appear On This Page Were Created Using Our Instant
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