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Basics of Healthy Hair

Finding the Right Hair Care Formula

Question: Benefits Of Plain 'Ol Water On Hair..AND Your Cultures Hair Secrets.? Basically why is water so good on hair. i know the basics. moisture but i've been washing my hair every 2 days with plain water, skipping shampoo and conditioner and just using a moisturizing product when hair is damp afterwards. my hair has never been so breakfree, strong and moisturized in all my life. I've bene using coldwater.

Answer:: The coldwater basically makes the top layer of your hair,the cuticle,lay down,hot opens it up,making it look frizzy,etc,and cold makes it lay down,shiny,smooth. Plus,we probably.
Healthy Hair Icon: Joi!

In some of my previous posts, I talked about the benefits of taking care of your hair and keeping your hair healthy–and I really mean  YOUR hair. Every person is genetically made up distinctively from others. The combination of your skin complexion, height, eye color and your hair are uniquely different than anyone else. Finding the right hair care formula for you may be totally different from the best formula for another individual, even if your hair type is similar to your friend’s hair type.

I was recently watching a You Tube video, and the author of the video discussed her personal secrets for her hair care regimen. Her hair care formula included a combination of some of the popular hair products on the market. It surprised me because her favorite shampoo and conditioner is the exact formula that I recently tried, but it did not deliver the same results for me as she claimed it did for her. Actually, I am currently using a different blend of products, which primarily includes an olive oil-based conditioner and leave-in treatment.

Question: Need cosmetologist or someone good with hair products!? I have pretty healthy hair. I don't heat style, blow dry, use hairsprays or gels. I use biolage hydratherepie shampoo and conditioner followed by the leave in daily tonic. When my hair dries, it gets kinky and has some waves. I have another conditioner under my sink Back to Basics mango.

Answer:: All you need is a basic shampoo and a basic conditioner. All that other stuff is junk.
Her Best Hair: Back to the Basics: Healthy Hair Care Basics This inspired me to write this article informing my readers that you should search for the best hair care regimen that works best with your unique make up of hair.

In some of the previous articles, you will read examples of some great hair products that work well for many people. Only use these as examples as a motivation to spark your interests in finding out what works for you.

There are hundreds of hair care lines on the market, and it is possible to get very confused about what may work best for your hair. There are engaging store advertisements with pictures of models that appear to have perfect hair. There are also commercials that attract people to buy certain products and engage people to associate the look of the models with the benefits of using a particular hair care product. This is great, because many of these products deliver excellent results for many people. However, not everyone will benefit from the use of a particular product as someone else would.

So, don’t be shy about trying different types of products for your hair, you may be surprised about the benefits of using some of the brands that you never imagined would help your hair.

Question: Need someone good with hair products for my question!!!!? I have pretty healthy hair. I don't heat style, blow dry, use hairsprays or gels. I use biolage hydratherepie shampoo and conditioner followed by the leave in daily tonic. When my hair dries, it gets kinky and has some waves. I have another conditioner under my sink Back to Basics mango.

Answer:: At what point in the list of ingredients does Cyclopentasiloxane occur in each product. Remember, the closer to the top of the list, the more concentrated it is.is. I prefer products like Aveda which are botanically derived. A manufacturer can put just one drop of.
I am always open to trying new products, and I never stick with the same hair care products over and over again year after year without trying my hand at new innovative products. If I am not satisfied with the results of a particular product, I simply just don’t buy it again.

Basic Healthy Hair Steps for Beginners

Question: How Do I Take Care Of My Hair? I'm A Black Girl And I Was Born With Black Hair, But I Was Raised By My White Mother And I Honestly Have No Idea How To REALLY Keep My Hair Healthy. I Mean, I Kinda Know The Basics Like Don't Wash It Everyday And Put Moisturizers In It And Stuf. But What Kinds. What Do I Do.Do.

Answer:: There's A LOT of stuff you need to know to learn how to fully take care of your hair. SO, I'm gonna be your big sister till you get the hang and gist of it.it. Start by washing your hair with Mixed Chicks or Pantene hair.
 ... healthy hair can be remedied at home using a few basic yet effective
For a lot of people, bringing a child home with natural hair can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? From baby to teenager, the basic steps are the same. If you're overwhelmed because your child has recently arrived home with little or no hair, please do not worry about growing hair right away. Bonding is key, and you want to form the best trust relationship that you can. But when you're ready, here are the basics of what you need to know to get you started on a good routine for growing healthy hair.

There is no magic hair solution that is going to grow your child's hair overnight. Some people claim that certain hair oils and products help facilitate growth, but in general how fast the hair grows is based on genetics, and how healthy it grows is based on diet coupled with the remaining items listed below. Nutrition and water consumption is key to having the right energy sources to capitalize on genetics. Make sure your child is eating healthy foods, rich in vitamins, protein, and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as drinking plenty of water.
Question: what should i use on my hair to make healthy again ??? Please help :(? I have repetitively dyed, permed and used straighteners and blow-dryers on my hair for years now. I use to have thick locks and then my hair started thinning (mainly after the perms) and recently i started loosing a lot of hair.

Answer:: I suggest you to put a bit of linseed oil on your wet hair. but you should put it just on the all lenght and hair tips.
Basic Perm Winter is the toughest time to keep kids hydrated because the cold weather makes them less likely to grab a glass of water. Here are some tips to help keep your child hydrated in the winter .

Contrary to what you may have heard, naturally curly hair does need to be washed. Everyone's scalp gets dirty. How you wash will vary based on a lot of variables such as how much sebum (scalp oil) is produced, weather, genetics, play, and product build-up. A rule of thumb for babies is to wash when it's dirty ( i.e., when they spit-up or gets food in it), and for toddlers and up, once a week is usually the norm. You can either wash with a sulfate-free shampoo, or co-wash , whichever is necessary to get the job done. Some washing requires a good clarifying shampoo, other washes just require rinsing out dirt and product to keep the scalp from getting clogged pores. An apple cider vinegar rinse can also be used in lieu of shampoo or co-washing. Practice and time will allow you to determine what type of wash is best. Please see our post on washing your child's natural hair for more details on how to wash.
Question: How to fix EXTREMELY damaged hair? my hair is BEYOND damaged. i straighten or curl it everyday, mostly straighten. i want it to be healthy & shiny. i know i shouldn't be using hot tools on my hair everyday but i just HAVE to.to.

Answer:: Same horrible hair here, girlfriend. I don't know your ethnic background, but I am guessing your caucasian (not to be racist or anything, thick hair has to do with race. I am Hispanic, so I know how it feels to have terrible hair that you can't tame. Since we don't want to do that :-)..
Basic Hair Care – Tips For Healthy Long Hair Basic Hair Care - Tips ...

This means use a conditioner on your child's hair after washing to help replenish the moisture lost during the cleansing. When I talk about conditioning hair, I am talking about using a product that you rinse out, not something that you leave in. Although we use leave-in conditioners in my daughter's hair, we consider that step as part of moisturizing, not conditioning. Conditioning can be a pre-poo or a deep-condition after a shampoo.

People choose to detangle at different points in the process of hair care. When in the process you choose to include it will depend on the age of your child, how much hair he or she has, how dirty it is, and how it's going to work into your overall styling routine. We tend to detangle after conditioning, before moisturizing. Other people detangle while conditioning, before rinsing out the conditioner. Do it whenever it works best for you. See our detangling post for details on our recommendations for detangling.

This step is probably the most foreign for straight-haired people, as it's not something that is usually necessary for straight hair.
Question: How long will it take for my hair to grow by eating / drinking healthy ? Okay , i`m an african - australian girl , i`m trying to grow my hair long , like down to my waist ...

Answer:: hair grows about anywhere from 1/4 to 1 inch per month. It should take anywhere from a year and a half to 2 years to get it to your belly button. I cut my hair to my shoulders a year ago and it isn't down to my waist yet.
Basic Healthy Hair Tips Healthy Hair Tips 3 – Do It Fashion Now All of the bends in a curly hair strand make it difficult for the oil produced on the scalp (the sebum) to travel downward. The longer the curly strand, the less likely the oil is going to make it down the whole shaft. Brushing hair helps distribute the oil from root to end for straight hair. But as you will see below, we don't brush curly hair. Moisturizing combats the fact that we don't brush by providing the oil to the entire strand of hair without relying solely on what the scalp produces. What type of moisturizer you use will depend on age, hair needs, and curl pattern. We have a great overview on the differences between oils, butters, and moisture that should help clarify which to use and when. Moisturizers are added after conditioners as well as on an as-needed basis daily to keep the hair from drying out until the next wash.

Yeah, just what the title says: The more you mess with it, the more likely it will break. The two biggest stresses on hair are manipulation and moisture loss. If you're doing the above steps, then the only remaining thing you need to be concerned with is not undoing them by over-working the hair.
Question: The basics of hair care? I've pretty much never looked after my hair. Never been to a hair dresser (and i don't plan to because i can cut it myself), i've never used products in my hair besides just basic natural shampoo and conditioner. I want to look after my hair from now on, because it's beginning to split and the ends are becoming dry.

Answer:: Sure when you use it, your hair looks better but when you wash it out your hair feels even more awful. I use Dove moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. But right before i take a shower i put some olive oil in my hair and wash it out in the shower. It does wonders, trust me.me.
This means avoiding aggressive (or frequent) detangling or styling too tightly, as well as the friction that occurs from regular sleep, play, and travel. Ideally, once the hair is dry you don't want to manipulate it, either with a brush, your hands, or having it rub against anything. *insert hysterical laughter if your child is a baby or active...


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


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Better Basics for the Home
Better Basics for the Home
ISBN 0609803255,9780609803257 , Clarkson Potter , 1999
Presents more than 850 simple formulas for safe household produts

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