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Question: Why do people live in their own fantasy worlds and place unrealistic hopes on themselves? ---oh I'm going to be the next American Idol. ---oh I'm going to get my hair done and my makeup done, and buy all the latest clothes, and act fake, and get noticed and be more successful. ---oh I want to be the president, rule over NASA, get 50000 degreees, have 5 yachts, etc.

Answer:: It's because many people are thaught by their parents that they are better than others. If you're told often enough you'll start to believe it.
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I’ve been involved in hundreds of local television advertising campaigns since 1990: first as a cable advertising sales person, and for the past eight years as the owner of an advertising agency specializing in television and radio advertising campaigns for local markets. Some of the campaigns were successful and lasted for years. Many were failures and for obvious reasons lasted a short period of time. A few of the successful campaigns were for advertisers that were customers of mine when I was in sales for Time Warner Cable and became clients when I started Frink Inc. Advertising. The causes for a campaign’s success or failure were varied but the successes all shared some common fundamentals.
Fundamentals for Success in Local Television Advertising

1. A compelling product or service: Television advertising is relatively expensive so I advise prospects and clients that unless you’re comfortable with no return on your investment you should have research or evidence that there is a demand for what you’re selling.

2. A clear message: The message has to be clear and concise.

Question: Did anyone else hear Chris Moyles this morning? Am I the only person that doesn't like him? My husband insists on setting the alarm clock to Radio 1 so every morning I have to wake up to the grating sound of Chris Moyles voice. I am an American and moved over here for my husband, and I sometimes am scared to open my mouth afraid that people will judge me because our country is run by the worlds dumbest ape.

Answer:: joe lieberman is a slag & a dork in i do not like him seiryklav
 book is a follow-up to the highly successful "Jewelry Fundamentals ... The audience has to know what’s in it for them and what you want them to do about it. Call, come in, visit your website, or all of the above.

3. Professional production: This starts with the writing or concept. The simpler the concept is to execute the better. You need broadcast quality professional lighting, cameras, editing equipment and operators who are professional and committed to making your commercial a success.

4. Media Placement: First know your target, demographically and geographically. Each local station and cable network have programming that serves specific core demographic audiences. You need objective audience research to pick the programming suitable for your campaign. Local cable provides an option to target an audience geographically.

5. Budget: You must have an adequate budget to achieve frequency and to sustain the campaign for several weeks. A benchmark for a minimum length of a campaign is about three months. For a new campaign if you’re not getting some tangible results within three weeks I recommend pausing and re-evaluating your strategy?

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Ten Career Growth Fundamentals Every Wellness Professional ...

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Many professionals in the Wellness business often get into the field more focused on the idea as to what their career would be all about, rather than focusing on the potential realities of it. The entire notion of working in a field that is a ‘helping profession’, where you help solve a client’s skin/hair and health problems is indeed an attractive and a gratifying one. Many Wellness professionals are also excited at the prospect of working in a spa or luxurious resort with the thought of opening a private practice at a later stage in their lives. Whatever the reasons for opting for this career- at some point or the other many professionals are known to experience that whatever they had imagined is not what the reality is. For example, at some point of their job they tend to be plagued with doubts and negative feelings like “When will I actually start on my own?” or “How long would it take to build a customer base”? “How much money will I make” and “which is the best type of job to work for?” In the beginning, when the phone does not ring and your appointment books are more or less empty, doubts and negative thoughts are going to plague you.angelina jolie hairstyles angelina jolie blonde hair color But if you talk to any successful Wellness expert, you will realize that the one thing you both have in common is this: He/ She has also had a fair share of doubts over the years and yet has succeeded beyond his/her own expectations.

Take it from such experts: if you follow a plan, apply patience and steer clear of negative emotions and temptations, you too can succeed in this business. Always remember: Failure and success are the two sides of the same coin-it is your thoughts and actions, not your fate or the economy, that will lead you on either path.

Without diverting further, here are some tips and fundamentals that every Wellness expert must follow for career development.

1) Be realistic : It is surprising to note that so many apprentice wellness experts start with unrealistic expectations regarding the money they will make. One has to know that there are going to be long hours and many of these are probably going to be unpaid ones. It is going to take months and years not days and weeks to build a solid base of paying clients.

2) Come up with a career plan: sooner the better- Think right from the start whether you want to go into private practice or work in a spa or medical spa etc. Look at the key motivator for this decision: money, personal life, growth etc.

3) Stick to the plan- It is definitely not a good idea to change jobs every now and then once you have come up with a career plan. Only when you become a regular at a spa or clinic, are clients going to ask for you by name. This goes a long way in creating a base of long term customers when you start out on your own.

4) Side selling -Retails sales are the best way to make money on commissions, your employers are going to love it that you are helping them make money; clients are going to love you for helping them take care of themselves in between appointments, and you are going to make sales commissions! So, if you are a hairdresser, you sell shampoos, beauticians-sell skin care line and massage therapists sell essential oils etc.

5) Be positive and steer clear of trouble makers - Be it any wellness field, there are going to be colleagues who are bound to be negative and ‘energy sapping’. Steer clear of these and keep your focus.

6) Yes –there are going to be long empty hours -When you start out on your own, there are going to be days, even months before you get your first client.  The key here is to not give up, pack up and leave. You never know when the first client will walk in, and who know she may remain loyal to you for years!

7) Market yourself - This is an essential investment that everyone needs to make: flyers, brochures, visiting cards and, of course, the Internet. Blogs, information and quality video content are some great ways to market your skills and services and rope in new clients.

Continue education and remain open to ideas and suggestions- Those passionate and dedicated to their Wellness careers are bound to embrace new opportunities, products and services more openly. They are also the ones who know that New is good and the only way of moving forward.

9) Be patient – Be patient with yourself! After all, the trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

10) Believe in yourself - Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities! Without a humble yet reasonable confidence in your abilities you cannot be successful or happy.

By following these 10 career fundamentals, there is no reason why you should not succeed in your wellness career. Put your efforts into these and you will reap the rewards of strong...


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


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Basic Fundamentals of the Beautiful Woman: Successful Me !
Basic Fundamentals of the Beautiful Woman: Successful Me !
ISBN 1600347398,9781600347399 , Xulon Pr , 2006

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