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Toilet water

How to cool a PC with toilet water

Question: How do I make my toilet water blue? My friend was at my house and she was telling me about hwo he made his toilet water blue with this new cleaner he got and now i want it how do i get blue toilet water like my cool friend has.

Answer:: Almost any of the toilet bowl cleaners that you place in tank part have a blue color. it comes out into tank when toilet is flushed. which shows blue water when you flush again. depends on how many times you flush.
Be Neat From Your Toilet comfortable water closet – Fresh House ...
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Hot on the heels of news that Google uses toilet water to cool one of its data centers, it has emerged that an enterprising hardware hacker had the same idea some seven years ago. As you will see in the following pictures, though, Jeff Gagnon’s computer is much more than a toilet-cooled rig — it’s a case mod tour de force.

For a start, it doesn’t actually have a case — instead, it has a lovingly hand-cut and -painted (while topless; see below) Tux penguin backboard, which the motherboard, hard drive, and power supply are all nailed to.

Then there’s the CPU waterblock, which has been handmade from a lump of copper and, I presume, an arc welder or a soldering iron. But where does that tubing go, I hear you ask? Where’s the water reservoir, the pump, the radiator?

Well, it just so happens that there’s a toilet on the other side of the wall — and so Gagnon, who is obviously a fan of doing things as gracefully as possible, simply drilled through the wall and put a water pump in the cistern of a toilet.

Question: Why does my cat like toilet water the best? My cat will only drink from the toilet. Personally I think its gross, but she will not drink from her water bowl. Ive even tried closing the lids, but then she doesnt drink anything at all.

Answer:: I don't know why, but don't let her. She will drink when she is thursty.
Toilet Water? | Flickr - Photo Sharing! There’s no sign of a radiator: It looks like it’s actually just an open system, with water freely flowing in and out of the cistern. Here’s a quote from Gagnon, on the actual functionality and efficiency of the system:

Hm.  A project like this, if not done right, could easily… (get ready for it)…. tank.   X-D  lolz

Seriously though, I’m gonna inquire an old buddy of mine. He was doing water cooling about 20 years ago. Windshield washer fluid pump, power supply, small copper tubing wound between heat sink fins. It was amazing. I am gonna see if he has any pics of it.

A: Open-air built with no real airflow over the components. Not really that good. Sure, the CPU gets nice and cold, but there’s nothing blowing air over the RAM and chipset.

B: Running tapwater through the waterblock could potentially cause corrosion issues; it’s why modern plumbing is switching to flexible plastic lines now.

C: EXPOSED PSU. He is going to kill someone or start a fire with that thing.

Sorry to sound jaded or negative, but I am not impressed.  He has a radiator that is 90 feet of 1/2 inch copper, with absolutely no fins soldered to the copper.

Question: Is it safe to drink toilet water if I clean the bowl regularly? I usually clean the toilet once a week with pinesol or clorox bleach. No tablets that turn the water blue or anything.

Answer:: well the truth is yes. Hopefully you are asking for you dog.
Grey Water Toilet System uses dirty water from your shower to flush ...  You can make or buy a radiator that is much smaller with far greater surface area.  His method of cooling is using only conduction against his garage floor.  No fans passing air over the copper to use convection as well; and nothing actually pressing the copper against the garage floor.  The efficiency of this wildly overkill radiator is quite poor, and is reflected in his not-so-impressive temperatures.  He is not providing an easy path for the heat to travel, so most of it just stays in the water.  Good thing he has 15 liters of fluid in the system, that’s the only reason this odd design ‘works.’ 


To someone that said something about visiting kids – this is an office.
To the one that spoke of an exposed PSU – note it’s location.
To someone that spoke of cooling other bits read RAM e.t.c… – look up convection – it’s how YOU cool down too ;-)
To someone that spoke of corrosion – lot’s of plastic and the thing will likely outlive the electronics anyway.

To the guy that built this – way to go – ignore the naysayers, people like you actually come up with what everyone else takes for granted.

Question: How to stop toilet water from splashing on you? My logs of poo are so big that they create a tidal wave when they hit the toilet water, and I get water splashed all over me.me.

Answer:: Put some toiLet paper at the bottom of the toiLet (not too much tho) ..

Have a great weekend!

Toilet water filtered into drinkable water?

Question: How do I get water faucets to run after toilet water was shut off for several hours? Our toilets upstairs overflowed. The water line for the toilet was shut off for about 3......

Answer:: your valve to your toilet should of not affected the rest of your home - i would check the main valve at the water meter to ensure it is open fully. if it is, you migt have an obstruction in your line or a bad water pressure regulator to your home
File:Toilet water shutoff valve.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Bill Gates has so much money that he intends to give away most of his wealth when he and his wife passes on, but this does not mean the man is about to squander his wealth away when he is still alive. No sir, his philanthropic activities are extremely well known, and this time around, our attention shifts to the funding provided by Bill Gates to develop a new machine which is capable of filtering toilet waste into water that can be drunk.

According to Manchester University’s Sarah Haigh, an expert in nanotechnology, developments in the field of science of manipulating atoms in matter might prove to be the key in transforming waste water from toilets to become safe enough to drink. This scaffold device will hold a mixture of bacteria and tiny metal nano-particles, where they in turn react with the water in order to extract useful hydrogen, while the remainder will go through the filtration process again to produce clean water. I am not sure whether it is psychologically appealing to know of my water’s source, how about you?


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


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Baptism by Toilet Water
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Scotch and toilet water?
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ISBN 0810944391,9780810944398 , Harry N. Abrams , 2003
A collection of 125 pieces by the popular New Yorker cartoonist celebrates the eccentricities of canines and their human companions, from the dog who attends therapy to figure out why he barks to...

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