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good morning lovely: April 2012 Shopping Diary

Question: Where can I find Lumene products? The place that I work stopped selling them and I fell in love with this one product, does anyone know where else to get the cosmetics. Also I work at a cvs so that doesnt help, we are gonna stop carrying it.

Answer:: did you try looking at CVS drugstores. they usually carry Lumene products.
I decided to do a video! I'm sorry if my voice is a little too quiet--I filmed this at like 3 AM ( instead of writing my essay lol) when my sister was sleeping ^__^;;

This is my first video ever, so I hope it's okay~ ! Anyway, I tried my best, haha~
If you want me to do more videos for my shopping diaries or for other things like handmade accessory tutorials, let me know.

SUPER VIDEO. Yes, you should make more. I feel like I can fall asleep to the sound of your voice - it's so gentle! :D

When you showed me the Tinkerbell palette, I ran out a bought one! and I love it! All the colors work and I love how frosted the colors are without being glittery (I hate glitter. Geh). I wish the colors were a little stronger though, only because you can't see them as well when I put on my glasses. But that's really a minor issue. I have no regrets, haha.

I also bought the Tinkerbell pink lipstick (I don't have it in front of me, but hopefully you remember it). When I read on the back that it gives you a unique shade of pink according to your lips, I knew I couldn't pass it up (pinks don't always look great on me - especially when they are on the lighter side).

Question: where can i buy lumene cosmetics? i'm looking for lumene excellength lengthening mascara. im in america and i can't seem to find it in any stores.

Answer:: Well according to the Lumene Cosmetics website, it's avalible in:.in. Select Sears stores in LA, Chicago and NYUlta. All CVS Pharmacy locationsTarget. Select Target storesDuane Reade. All Duane Reade locations. Hope I helped.
Wholesale Assorted LUMENE Cosmetics! - at - AllTimeTrading.com Well, I tried it and I really love it. The lipstick itself is very soft, kind of like a lib butter, and has a great color. I totally recommend it :D

Awh, thank you~~ I always feel like I have a derpy voice, haha!

Yay, I'm happy you were able to get the palette! It's so prettyyy, ahhh! I want to try out the lipstick! It sound so interesting~

Btw, the colors will look more vibrant with an eye primer. You can get a very cheap, but pretty good one from e.l.f in Target. It's just $1 and it comes in 3 "base" colors: pearl, champagne, and sheer. My favorite is sheer. I used the palette today with the champagne primer and really liked it~

Haha I agree with Kim, your voice is so soothing!

That palette looks super awesome. I'll try to track it down. I need to start trying new products...I always wear the same 2 or 3 colors, if I wear anything at all. :( I need to branch out.

And is the caudelie thing the spray you had in your office the other day? It looks familiar! And I loved the way that one smelled. It seems really refreshing and minty.

Anyway this was great!! You should do more videos.

Question: where can i buy Lumene cosmetics? im looking for the lumene excellength mascara. im in the us can anyone help me out.

Answer:: If you're buying products outside USA, they don't have the same regulations as products sold in America, and are not FDA protected. It's buyer beware. Remember, poison ivy is all natural, too. But you probably don't want it on your skin. It is very possible to have an allergic reaction, or other irritation, from products labeled "all natural" or "organic.

Thank you so much!!

Yes, you should get the palette! I think it's a great investment for everyone--makeup lovers and makeup newbies alike! The colors are very pretty and versatile and since they aren't scary, strong colors, you can't really make mistakes with it. I think it's very good for rushed mornings!

Yes, that is the same spray~! I love it~~~

Serafia's Makeup Drawer: Yesterday's EoTD

Wholesale Assorted LUMENE Cosmetics! - at - AllTimeTrading.comSince it was such a gloomy, crappy day yesterday I decided I'd do a bright eye look. For the past few months I have had some makeup issues, (which I am sure I have complained about on here and on Facebook and Twitter, links to those in the top bar). I simply haven't liked to use a lot of eyeshadow, especially colorful shadows. Makeup rut - makeup blogger's curse, isn't it? Makeup looks and healthy food - usually. ;)

Serafia's Makeup Drawer- & Serafia's Kitchen -blogs.

If you want to send requests about some type of a makeup look or food dish, please drop me a line in my email (look below), contact me via Twitter or comment on a blogpost.

email: serafiasmakeup[at]gmail.com
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Thank you!


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


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A few more photos

Wholesale Assorted Lumene Cosmetics (SKU 426512) DollarDays
Wholesale Assorted Lumene Cosmetics (SKU 426512) DollarDays
Lumene Mascara 7ml Blackest Black Eyeliner 3ml Blackest Black: Amazon
Lumene Mascara 7ml Blackest Black Eyeliner 3ml Blackest Black: Amazon
Wild Rose «Нежность Цвета
Wild Rose «Нежность Цвета
Lumene cosmetics" photo No.2583 from gallery No.2926 for search"stila
Lumene cosmetics" photo No.2583 from gallery No.2926 for search"stila
Double Stay Long
Double Stay Long
Lumene пудра матирующая as a gift (Москва
Lumene пудра матирующая as a gift (Москва
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