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Can i use cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup to cover my ...

Question: Is it acceptable for a young teen to shop in Sephora? I have really bad acne 'n I never can find make up that stays on for more than a few hours. I heard a lotta high end cosmetics will stay on, like MAC 'n Dermablend, but only department stores 'n Sephora sells those. My question is, would it seem odd since I'm so young. What would be your reaction.

Answer:: especially in this generation, a lot of younger girls are wearing makeup and employees at Sephora should be used to seeing this kind of thing. walking into Sephora and buying makeup is no different than walking into a place like target or walmart for the same exact products.

Question by ticia : Can i use cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup to cover my birthmark?
I’ve read people’s statements that the only thing that can be done with cosmetic tattooing is covering light and white areas of skin to make them closer to the normal skin tone. It never works out to cover pigment darker than your skin’s. I’m black and my birthmark is lighter than my skin tone. Would it be possible for me to get it colored darker to perfectly match my skin color?

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Answer by lindsay_jo_294
Are you saying that you want an artist to tattoo over your birthmark to make it your same skin tone so it looks like you don’t have a birthmark? Yes, that is very possible. Take a look at these spider veins and how well they were covered up:


It’s a huge myth that tattoos unless from 30yrs ago will interfear with MRIs CT Scans etc.

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Wow, hard one.

Question: Which one of these under eye Concealers work the absolute best for full coverage on tired eyes? Mac Concealer, Kat Von D Concealer, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer, Mary Kay Concealer, Dermablend Concealer, Bobbi Brown Concealer, Boing Concealer, or the Coastal Scents Concealer Pallete.

Answer:: Mary Kay is AWESOME.
Dermablend Cover Cream in Golden Brown | LoveHue.com | Cosmetics, Skin ... Generally, I’d say try the makeup designed to cover scars, Dermablend. Their website is http://www.dermablend.com
Tattoo dyes sometimes contain elements that make it difficult for you to have certain medical tests later in life like MRI’s and CT scans.
If the Dermablend doesn’t work, you need to consult a dermatologist who specializes in black skin problems. Good luck.

Years of experience has proven to cosmetic tattoo artists that this simply does not work. You cannot cancel out dark coloration in the skin with tattooing – especially white or skin tone colors that always look pasty and obvious over a dark pigmentation in the skin – a body art design is the best choice with multiple colors to distract.
If on the face, I can only recommend a very qualified laser doctor..
It depends on the birthmark. If it is a raised birthmark (closer the the mole family) then absolutley not. If it is a flat red or brown birthmark, you can, but the final decision lays with your tattoo artist.

Question: question about concealing cosmetics? please help? im planning to use dermablend for a small birthmark on my leg, and i want to order it off the website. also, if i do order it off the site, how long will it take to get here.

Answer:: Macy's carries it, so does Ultra, Sephora etc.
Skin Care Fragrance & Hair Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics Boutique I he/she feels that his/her artistry cannot cover it up they will be up front about it if they are reputable. Try incorporating it into the piece instead of covering it up. Good luck!

Dermablend Concealer Takes the Red Out

Question: Is there an OTC product like dermablend? That is not so expensive.? I need to use this kind of product one time, since I do have a sensitivity to cosmetics. And I want something that is not so expenisive.

Answer:: Allure mag says maybelline cover stick concealer is the best. Just be careful, cause it is opaque and thicker than normal concealer. It blends nicely though and I think it's the best drugstore concealer made and I use it all the time.
Article on Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics

It should be no surprise to you that most women do not have even skin tone. Whether plagued by freckles, acne, or scars, we’ve all got blemishes that make us feel that our skin is not quite what it could be. The good news is that for some of us, a little bit of sun will dry oily skin to clear up acne or tan blotchy or freckled skin to create a more pleasant tone. But, until that sun comes out, what else can we do?

If you want to limit your cosmetic use because of skin issues, there are some natural remedies to even your skin tone. Various sources recommend everything from using lemon juice as an astringent to microdermabrasion. If you’d prefer, you could try various remedies to see what works. (Just remember that “natural remedies” are not proven to be effective, nor approved by dermatological professionals for use.)

Dermablend Cosmetics has a fabulous Redness Concealer that is created specifically for neutralizing the skin’s imperfections to create a smooth, even tone for those of us who don’t have it naturally.

Question: Where can I get maximum coverage, corrective cosmetics for particularly fair-skin tones? There are a number of cosmetics brands out there that are called "corrective," or "maximum coverage. " They are intended to cover moderate to severe flaws, such as large red birth marks, tattoos, widespread redness, acne, scarring, etc.

Answer:: Have you tried Covermark USA. : http://covermarkusa. They used to have free samples, but now its only 6$ for a sample: http://covermarkusa. com/covermark_kits_sample. Amazing Cosmetics has a full coverage concealer: http://www. Those are the only ones I can think of besides Dermablend. Have you tried mixing.
Applied under a foundation like Dermablend’s Smooth Indulgence Foundation , the concealer is the perfect matte base for the rest of your cosmetics. No one will ever know you have skin tone problems!



Pro Tip: Choosing a concealer or foundation color is always tricky, even for those with an even skin tone! For an idea of what your most natural-looking base color should be, compare cosmetics with the skin on your jawbone. Regardless of how much your skin tone varies around your face, your jawline should be the easiest to match and blend.


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


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Dermablend cosmetics have helped Barbara Barnes, who suffers from
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