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Cosmetics Univerlook

Peace & Love & Happiness: Champú Univerlook

OystercosmeticsChampú para cabellos dañados de Univerlook Profesional  (Laboratorios Phergal)


Cantidad :250 ml Pvp: 9 euros

Me gustan bastante los champús de esta marca aunque no hacen mucha espuma.A mi me ha recuperado la flexibilidad y resistencia al cabello. Lo alterno con otros de Wella y Rolland.

No testado en animales. Me presento, soy T.S. en Sistemas de Telecomunicaciones e Informáticos. Independientemente del trabajo que adoro, hemos creado este blog para hablar sobre temas de cosmética, belleza, moda, tendencias, salud, recetas, opiniones de productos... No recibimos dinero a cambio de nuestras opiniones. Porque creo en el destino y la vida tiene sus fases. Hasta pronto!

Mode Gyaru Hair How

SECADOR PELO ASUER TWISTER 3000 ION, C.I.B. Artículos Peluquería y ... I’m also trying out Momoko Ogihara’s make-up look. It’s a reallllly long post

I first thought of the post, because I really loved Ena Matsumoto’s Mode style bun.

Disclaimer: I am not a model just a simple gal. Also, she’s using a texturized look to offset her sleek outfit.

I went for a more sleek look for a busier outfit. We also do not have the same bangs (obviously).

Phew that’s it! Next is Mitsu’s Bday Post, Mode in stores, Lip Service 109 to Overseas and then Gal Summer Luvin’. Away we go!

I need to drag someone to be a hair model, too bad my man’s hair is shaved LOL I’m not big on posting myself throughout this (or at all), but I always feel that if I’m telling you about a trend, I should try it too or I’m just preaching So sorry guys you get me. When Bloomzy comes to Japan she’ll be my mannequin instead ehehehe!!

Awww mitsu … another great post! I’m always looking at my blog list to see if yours would be at the top.KIN COSMETICS, Luxus és Elegancia Fodrásztermékek. that means you updated.. and you did! =)

Your hairstyle tuts are so easy to follow and I find it very enjoyable seeing more of you in your blog posts =) It gives such a personal touch when I see the writer in the post! You make a great hair model =) I really really love your makeup shown in the sleek mode photos too :D

I will have to try these out – I’m so happy learning about all these mode gyaru hairstyles – certainly is refreshing to try something new than the typical curled hair .. i need to definitely branch out more..

Can’t wait for more posts! =)


* U* I’ve been following your site for a while and I love your how-to posts.

Lol I’ve been lured out of lurking because I’m in love with colour contacts and I thought a few EOS series contacts /might might might/ be similar to the ones Momoko might be wearing. The ones that look similar imo are EOS Pure series V-201 Brown[http://i48.babafej,gyakorlófej,fodrász táska - fodraszkellekekbolt.hutinypic.com/2wf46lg.jpg], EOS Love series E-202 Brown [http://i45.tinypic.com/osfudd.jpg] and EOS Fancy Lens F-65 [http://i46.tinypic.com/dwqw6o.jpg] ;;;;; Hopefully this helps you, even if it’s just a little bit of help.

Really helpful tutorials thank you as usual!
That sleek mode look makeup looks lovely on you
You make me want to try all of these, though I don’t think I could still get that lovely under curl with longer hair :[[
Oh well time to stock up on moar headbands :]]
Those lenses look a bit like beaucon Jewels to me?
[http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/2484/lovexcg.jpg] [http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_DvVgMm1h_HQ/S7gd_-flMQI/AAAAAAAAAgY/wG8jW1otBN0/s400/wjewels.jpg]

Honey you are a great model, and your tutorials are just so amazing! I mean you really provide so much current and useful info.

The bun is cute, but when I scrolled down and saw your Momoko Ogihara hair and was literally like “WOOOOW” I mean you look beyond gorgeous.NIRVEL COSMETICS termékeit 47 éve használják a fodrászok ... That hairstyle looks really great on you, and your hair color makes it interesting. I hope you wear it more often

I like the second scarf look, I will try it out with my power shoulders and bandage skirt…although I have the huge forehead haha!

Oh it sounds like the F21 near you is in a bad/strange location. I’m sorry to hear that >< Mine is rather far away from me, so I just shop online usually anyway. I think most people prefer to shop in store, but I'm the opposite for sure haha

hello. it’s my first time commenting on your blog, so first off- let me say i love it. i’m also really thankful for the mode gyaru posts, because while i do love gyaru, it’s not something i love on myself. i like looking at gyaru blogs but they never show the things i like wearing. mode gyaru though, is something i can relate to. it’s feminine, sophisticated and the make-up and hair-do’s are something i can incorporate into my style. also, hoooooooly momoko’s gorgeous! i just can’t get over it

Wow Mitsu, thank you so much for this post! It´s really inspiring and I love trying out new things with my hair and make I must say that I love mode make-up, it´s really elegant yet sexy.
I think I´ll also try out the curled bob, since I´ve been straightening my hair for a long time now and just seeing the volume you achieved with a simple curler made me think about trying out this hairstyle, too



https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


The Finger Lakes Glimpses of Paradise
ISBN 0962371688,9780962371684 , 2010

A few more photos

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30 marzo a 2 abril
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