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Purederm Vitalizing Green Tea Pack: Review ~ Lots of Girl Stuff

Makeup By Remy: Purederm-Botanical Choice Face MaskFor the past couple of months, I've been struggling with acne problems. Yes, it's been established since way back then that I do have acne prone skin. Recently, however, my breakouts have been extreme to the point where I feel like my self esteem has been affected or something to that effect. But really, I don't want to dwell on that on this post. Just to give myself something to look forward to, I bought this face pack. I have previously tried the strawberry one (also from purederm) which is specifically made for acne prone skin but when I went to Watson's, this was the only one available. I still got it since it said it's for all skin types. Sadly, however, I do not remember getting any significant results from this particular pack. Here's what I think: I guess if I were to describe the product in two words, I'd say it's an intensive moisturizer, much like the night creams but I guess a tad better. Now if you're only looking for a product like that, then I recommend that you get this one. As for me, I probably wouldn't buy this product again. I mean, I might re-purchase the strawberry one but not this particular variant. I just don't think this is the product I'm looking for.

PUREDERM Deep Cleansing Nose Strips Review

 - NYX Cosmetics, Bdellium Konad Nail-art, Sugarpill, Misa Cosmetics ...


Some SQUEEZE ‘em out

Some people WAX ‘em out


Some use a NOSE STRIP




Which ever way you DO it, it’s still gonna come back. I prefer to use nose strips. There is one brand in particular that I have been using for quite soetime. PUREDERM – Deep Cleansing Nose Strips. PUREDERM is a korean brand that manufactures and distributes high quality Beauty & Healthcare products dedication to quality.



About Purederm Deep Cleansing Nose Strips:-


Deep Cleansing Nose Strips claims to instantly clean clogged pores and remove blackheads easily and effectively.



My cook offered to be part of this review. She splashed water on her nose, peeled the strip from its plastic liner and put the slick silky side onto her nose.  20 mins later after she was done with her rotis I took it off.Purederm Brightening Essence Mask « wheedlegirl – Reviews Well the results are out in the open for all to see.

It’s a little yuck  to see this but I wanted to show you effective these are


Like I said EASY and EFFECTIVE!

I get a regular supply of these from Kuwait for 1 KD that’s bout 170 Rs.  I have’nt found it in Mumbai as yet but I’m hopeful that this product of Purederm will soon be availiable online.  Purederm products can be ordered online from stylecraze.com and medplusbeauty.com.  I have already written to both sites to stock up on this particular product.


What I liked about Purederm Deep Cleansing Nose Strips :-


  • Instantly cleans clogged pores
  • Removes blackheads
  • Painless
  • Inexpensive
  • Quick and easy


What I  do not liked about Purederm Deep Cleansing Nose Strips:-


  •  Availability


Have you tried Purederm Deep Cleansing Nose Strips?


hi all, Pari 6 in a pack and Erica wow if u have found it in khar then it will surely come to kandivali and I can pick it up from there ! I am nice to my maid and all but imagine when she had it on I was praying it wouldn’t fall into the atta !!!!! yuck

I even put fem bleach for her once and like tons of tan came off.Purederm Brightening Essence Mask « wheedlegirl – Reviews She does it herself now every month. It’s good ya cause even they long for nice things…

Thats really soooooo sweet of U ..christina! Every maid wud love to have a madam like U!
I do agreee yaa….even they long for such things and it feels so bad that we put on so many things in front of dem n they keep staring at us wishing if they cud have it.. so a lil pampering sometimes is a good deed n keeps u blessed!

It will come to Kandivili BC soon m dead sure! Or else we can ask them to stock it!

Ya well imagine after all that once she was kneading atta and I had a small mooli and i said ” Savita pls aap yeh mooli ( 4 inch ) ko dal sakta hai kya atta mein?” and she said ” khanna hai to kas (grate) ke de do!” of course that was her last day with me…..I have a new girl now. I felt very hurt and even cried like a fool but that’s life. They don’t always realise the value of what they have. Everyone told me she had a razor sharp mouth but she never had to use it with me cause I was always giving and giving and saying please and thank you and my husband warned me not to get over pally but well….Purederm ...

Awwwwwww thats tooo sad! Hate it wen ur good with ppl n they turned out to b bitchy at times!
But again i cant stop being “me”.. I cant stop my generous nature ..somewhat..but improved a lot over the years! N c’mmon Christina.. maids are lyk dat only in Mumbai.. if u manage to get any1 den its very rare…treasure her!

Ya I totally agree….I am still very kind to the new girl and shes nice too. I just cant stand a sharp mouth cause it doesnt work in real life. not at work nor at home. The best relationships can fail cause of the smallest word spoken out of place…..words can heal or kill and purederm strips only take out blackheads!!! lol…..

Oh gosh anamika. lol i feel bad for you… But this statement you made ” if you are good to me then so what I deserve it ” is the motto of maids now a days…… We should start a Maid training academy. In fact its a booming industry in India – Maid agencies. Reliable, trust worthy maids / nannies both full and part time. Imagine the number of uneducated women who would benefit from this….Any entrepreneurs ‘with a out threre???


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


India today
India today
ISBN , 2012
Beauty Rules
Beauty Rules
ISBN 3832794220,9783832794224 , 2012

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