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Comfort Zone Cosmetics


  • Glides on smoothly and absorbs rather quickly, and once dry it does not leave a noticeable residue 
  • I adore this texture – it disappears into my skin without a trace
  • Cooling, soothing
  • Light, moisturizing, and no tackiness
  • In a word, comfortable 
  • Not greasy, very nice
  • Perfect consistency – absorbs super fast yet 'leaves room' for application of eye cream on top
  • I could clearly feel that this lasts overnight. It was still present in the morning when I washed my face

Ease of Application
  • Goes on like a dream
  • Easy to apply
  • Like the rollerball and prefer this to applying eye products with my finger
  • Yes! I've been waiting for something that goes on this effortlessly
  • The roll-on function wasn't easy for me. The roll was dry and it took me a bit to get it going. Then I tried shaking it before use, and that helped. After that it was smooth sailing. 

How Does it Work for You?
  • I think it is making the skin under my eyes look better.Makeup By Celly: HIGHEND MAKEUP DUPE: Wet N' Wild Comfort Zone It did lighten my dark circles (mostly on the outside edge of my eyes) a bit after a few days of using this product and made my under eye look less baggy
  • My skin feels happy
  • Soothing, but is it supposed to do anything for wrinkles?
  • Very happy with it and want to continue using it
  • I've tried almond oil but it takes too long to absorb, so I could only use that at night. Your comfort eye serum absorbs quickly enough that if I put it on when I get up in the morning, by the time I am ready to leave the house or put my make up on, it is gone
  • This seems to 'refresh' my eyes immediately. That's the only way I can describe it. 
  • After about a weeks use there was a definite improvement in the area around my eyes. The usual redness and irritation that I have was almost entirely gone.
  • I noticed a small difference, but I had a cold and didn't feel well which may have skewed the results

Is There Anything You Would Add to this Product if You Could?
  • Maybe something more for the dark circles
  • Something for wrinkles maybe

Extra Input
  • Once you get the roller ball started*, it works rather well and I've only had to shake it once or twice before applying
  • I have this in my purse and like being able to freshen up my eye area after sitting in front of the computer for hours. It has become my constant companion. Love love love it!
  • When can I buy one in full size? I'm almost out of this sample
  • I look forward to using this every morning

Beauty from Liz: Makeup look inspired by Hunger Games: District 7

Make up looks inspired by Hunger games I have done so far:
1.  District 4

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it out?

I have one question too, should I color my hair red? And if red, then how red - very bright primary or darker and more natural... I am quite lazy when it comes to my hair and red color needs refreshing quite often.

Thank you for reading!

In Estonian:
Lubasin paar päeva tagasi, et postitan järgmise Näljamängudest inspireeritud meigi. Siin see on! Seekord on tegemist 4 ringkonnaga, mida iseloomustavad paksud metsad ja sõbralik rahvas. Minu arvates on tegemist täiesti avalikkuses kantava meigiga- ma käisin sellega nimelt eelmisel reedel väljas ja sain päris mitu komplimenti. ;) 


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


Brands and Their Companies
Brands and Their Companies
ISBN 0787689513,9780787689513 , 2012
Danger in the comfort zone
Danger in the comfort zone
ISBN 0814478867,9780814478868 , Amacom Books , 1995
Argues that people at all levels of American business are preoccupied with their rewards and not their responsibilities

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Liebherr CBNesf 5113 Comfort
Liebherr CBNesf 5113 Comfort
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Klassische Gesichts Behandlung
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App Store
Comfort Zone Renight Dermo
Comfort Zone Renight Dermo
Photo: Emmy Awards Makeup
Photo: Emmy Awards Makeup
Mac always forces me to think beyond my makeup comfort zone this
Mac always forces me to think beyond my makeup comfort zone this
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Gesichtsbehandlungen Falten Akne
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