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Twisting and braiding hair

African Threading with an American Twist

Question: Braiding hair before going to bed? Can you do the same thing but instead of braiding, you twist your hair and tie it.

Answer:: you can but it'll be messy when you wake up :)
Silky Dreads & Culy Twists

A few observations

1. Dipping thread in oil before use keeps it supple.
2. Moisturize and seal hair before threading and after threading, on an as needed basis.
3. It can be worn up to three weeks at minimum.
4. Washing hair in thread is not recommended but a daily spritz is fine.

African hair threading is now a staple in my regimen on my quest to be a black girl with long hair.

Here is a video detailing how I did a fro-hawk using the African threading technique:

I’m not sure she knows there are similar styles in Africa. However, most of the times I have seen African threading done, it was not used to create a cornrow like style. Note how she threads right next to the scalp–Maybe this is the “American” twist she means i.e. she’s using an old technique but just putting a new spin on it. I hope people don’t tear into her because of the name on the video.

Many times threading is done at the ends of hair after it has been cornrowed or on loose hair but not close to the scalp(from what I have seen in the past).

Question: Can you grow natural afro-textured hair without braiding or twisting? I was thinking about growing my hair out just because lol and, I was just wondering if it was possible to grow afro-textured hair without braiding. I don't want to get braids because,honestly, I look weird and it doesn't fit my 'look'( if that makes sense lol). Thanks in advance.

Answer:: Yes, just stop getting hair cuts and let your hair grow for a couple of months, and once you get some length start getting your Afro trimmed every 2-3 months. And make sure you use natural oils that penetrate the hair shaft, never use grease from stores and for the love of God DO NOT GREASE YOUR SCALP.
My Hair Portfolio - A'Kiyia's Natural Twist and Hair Braiding The styles can be very sculptural and unique. See the older picture below and a more recent execution by singer Goapele.

Hi Tanicka

I’ve searched high and low for an online vendor to no avail but from what I’ve read weave thread can be used but note it doesn’t have the same sheen or silkiness as the traditionally used thread.

And thank you all for the feedback! You all wish me luck, I plan on using AHT until the end of the year…mid back length here I come ;-)

I wasn’t asking about the twist but was wondering what was the use of adding American to the name of the style, like when people say African American hair as if it was something different from the hair we have in Africa. It baffles me a little. I am west African and I can’t get the point in this “recurrent” specification….

im a nigerian american.. My mom used to thread my hair when i was a kid and I HATED it lol…of course i dont feel this way now, but when i was young she would single strand-thread my hair..i was a rough kid–always gettin into stuff. By the middle of the day the strands would be sticking out my head and I looked like Medusa lol–kids would make fun of me and everything lol.

Question: What type of hair do you use for silky twist hair braids? I have had my hair done using the marley twist hair and liked it, but now I want to try the silky twist. I have no ideal what type of hair to use for the silky twist style that lets the braids look smooth and straight.

Answer:: I am a professional hairstylist and I have had really great experience with Opulence Extension hair. It is a very high quality hair. Their hair is very smooth and straight.
Missy African Hair Braiding, Lansing IL 60438.ANYWAYS, i appreciate the style now as an adult, not b/c other people have embraced it, but because my mom knew better on how to style my hair.

This look is great on this woman..awesome work!

Important Tips Before Twisting or Braiding Hair!!

Question: how much is the cost of hair braiding and twisting in the philippines? what salon offers hair braiding and twisting in the philippines.

Answer:: I don't know about the philippines but if you are going on vacation be careful because my sister went to the dominican republic last fall and this woman on the beach started braiding her hair without permission and wouldn't stop. Then when she was done she charged her 80 dollars.
Micro Braids - A'Kiyia's Natural Twist and Hair BraidingI am a Experienced Braid Artist. I Specialize in a Variety of Twist; Kinky Twist, 2 Strand Twist, Nubian Twist, Fluffy Twist: Braids & so much More!! I am Located in Kennesaw Ga. I do a really good job and you won’t be disappointed!! I really focus on the Temple and Hairline area to make sure you don’t ever have any hair breakage! I also use good products on your hair! When you get my Twist or Braids your hair will grow really fast!Please Join my Blog! You can Also Visit My Websites for More Hair Care InFo: akiyia.webs.com -or-akiyia.shutterfly.com *** I also Offer Hair Braiding Classes. Please View my Website it Is: HairBraidingClasses.webs.com


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


Hair care
Hair care
ISBN 1841841943,9781841841946 , Informa HealthCare , 2012
This innovative, fully illustrated handbook provides the foundation for understanding the scientific basis for professional hair care. Linking hair physiology with disease states, patient behavior...
Braiding Hair
Braiding Hair
ISBN 1429623128,9781429623124 , Snap Books , 2009
"A do-it-yourself crafts book for children and pre-teens on braids and other hairstyles"--Provided by publisher.

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A few more photos

Braiding Hair Video & DVDs
Braiding Hair Video & DVDs
Kids Twist & Braid Styles
Kids Twist & Braid Styles
Twists braid you need to part the hair into four parts you divide it
Twists braid you need to part the hair into four parts you divide it
Braiding and plaiting hair is such a great way to
Braiding and plaiting hair is such a great way to
Jobrah African Hair Braiding
Jobrah African Hair Braiding
Black HairStyles: Akiyia's Natural Twist & Hair Braiding
Black HairStyles: Akiyia's Natural Twist & Hair Braiding
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Make an appointment or stop by today for our hair braiding services
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