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Question: I need help with writing a Character Sketch paragragh. Can someone review my story pliz *10 ptz*? "Create a three-paragraph character sketch that uses both humor and sorrow to create your own fictional resident(s) of Cannery Row. Your paragraphs should be thoughtful and well-constructed with a minimum of errors in grammar.

Answer:: I didn't read it all. Here are my critiques (really just on the beginning):. Elaine is too perfect, a good character should have faults. Grammar: "She always smile and never mind. " -------> "She always smiles and never minds". "Give hugs to the ones she cared the most. " That is a really weird and awkward.
Wonderful Hair Extensions...the way forward for celebs and you ...

The design and décor of your hair spa plays a huge role in the success of your business.  If you are a new salon owner or looking to give your salon a new fresh look, getting stylish, high-end furniture can really make a difference.  The right furniture can totally help turn your business around.  Beautiful, stylish furniture will really speak to your customers.  With the right environment, you are guaranteed to see success for your studio.

It should be really easy to find high-end salon furniture.  There are a ton of sellers on the internet that offer high-end furniture selections.  This can oftentimes be the greatest way to see innovative and interesting furniture.  Business owners have the option to choose whatever items they want.  You can get fascinating pieces from manufacturers all over the world.  You will be able to pick from furniture that you wouldn’t find in your own area.

By being creative, you can really do something special inside your spa.  Most hair salons go with the standard black chairs and black shampoo bowls .

Question: Is this a good start to a story? Time crawled along its nonstop path. a young gentleman of mid-east complexion stood upon a pathway made of brick, eyes fixed on his watch. Another minute passed. his body somewhat twitched as his anticipation started to occupy his entire body like a disease. Sweat dripped like a.

Answer:: It seems to me like you have a great idea, but then get sidetracked trying to explain that idea. For example:"The man slowly closed the door upon entry as not to create a loud noise" and "he removed his sunglasses which had previously not allowed him to show expression. Unless you are trying to take up space, don't add them. These "explanations" just.
Pin Up Girl Hairstyles Ideas Use multi-colored furniture designs and create a look that is really unique and special.  Buy unique couches and artistic looking chairs in your waiting room to impress customers.  You can have a sophisticated atmosphere using wood tables that are handcrafted from talented artisans.  With salon equipment , you have a number of choices.

Pick a theme or shade combination that turns your simple salon into a glamorous, high-end business.  White and silver chrome can create a stylish look.  You can even go with black and white to have a sleek, modern feel that clients usually respond to.  Many high-end tables and desks will come in different finishes like woods, aluminum, and laminates.  Look at all your options in different stains and hues.  Every piece of furniture in your salon will be important.  Every single design should tie in with everything else.  Your clients will be impressed.

When it comes to buying new furniture in your business, you don’t want to skimp on expenses.  Furniture plays a big part in the success of your studio.  Do some research or get help from a professional interior designer.

Question: How about this for a story start? Time crawled along its nonstop path. A young gentleman of mid-east complexion stood upon a pathway made of brick, eyes fixed on his watch. Another minute passed. his body somewhat twitched as his anticipation started to occupy his entire body like a disease. Sweat dripped like a.

Answer:: Builds the suspense quite well. Would've sounded better if it was 'anticipation' instead of 'his anticipation' though. Also try 'twitched slightly' in place of 'somewhat twitched. Comma needed after 'security outfit'. Chapter 1:....
 A stylish, high-end salon will do well with clients.  Return customers will help your spa succeed.  Have the spa you have always dreamed of with gorgeous, high-end furniture.

We Listen For You: REVIEW: Ty Segall & White Fence

Question: How does this story sound so far? Please edit completely, and let me know of any editing sites/forms. PLEASE READ ALL OF IT.IT. Time crawled along its nonstop path. Another minute passed. his body somewhat twitched as his anticipation started to occupy his entire body.

Answer:: That is REALLY good. The prologue was great, and it really drew me in.in. I do have a suggestion, though. You said: " along its nonstop path", and then in the next sentence, you said "upon a pathway". Maybe you should use a different word other than path in the second sentence. Don't change the first one, I like it,.
the highlights you have several options to create exciting hairstylesWhen music historians look back on this current 60s lo-fi psychedelic revival, Ty Segall’s Melted and White Fence’s Is Growing Faith will be mentioned as important releases that defined the sound. You can imagine then the excitement behind the announcement that in 2012 White Fence would release a double album, Segall two records, and an eight-track collaboration between Segall and White Fence,  Hair , on Drag City.  White Fence’s double offering Family Perfume Parts 1 & 2 was the first record sent to us for a full listen and it was an utter disappointment.  Overblown, repetitive, unfocused…simply put, it was a twenty-nine track mess that had me re-thinking the potential success of a Segall/White Fence collaboration.  Then came the first listen of Hair and everything was in its right place once again.  Scratch that, Hair exceeds my wildest thoughts about this dream team psych match.  Unlike Family Perfume Parts 1 & 2 , Hair is a twenty-nine minute education on the possibilities of the throw back psych genre and a guided tour of its future.
Question: Please edit and read this story? Time crawled along its nonstop path. a young gentleman of mid-east complexion stood upon a pathway made of brick, eyes fixed on his watch. Another minute passed. his body somewhat twitched as his anticipation started to occupy his entire body like a disease. Sweat dripped like a faucet from his brow.

Answer:: You asked to edit completely, so here goes. Firstly, a new line of speech by a new speaker should always go on a new line (wow, I say 'new' a lot). I also noticed that you tend to write in an odd syntax (sentence structure) of 'he said "______" instead of '"_____," he said'. I think you should consider rearranging these sentences as it makes prose flow.
Eat your way to healthy hair! « HAIR LOVE by Haartek  Hair is aggressive, fun, thoughtful, artistic, and most importantly playful.  Segall and White Fence are professors of this specific sound and listening to Hair is like being a fly on the wall as the two compare notes. One of Hair ’s greatest strengths is the meticulous way the tracks are put together.  The album begins with “Time” which features small, playful cymbal taps that explode into the genre’s famously loud, heavily distorted guitars, only to then return to the tapping and shift into a slow groove, complete with a bending, whiny guitar straight out of the 70s.  Segall and White Fence know exactly what the listener expects from them – this opening is their way of informing us that they aren’t afraid to tamper with the sound and keep us on our toes.  By the time the slow groove melts back into the loud psych guitars at the three-twenty mark, it’s clear that Hair is music marked by ambition.  Think of the words that come to mind when you think of these two acts – words like garage, psych, loud, distorted…  Segall and White Fence know these labels well, and proudly adhere to them for moments, but Hair is a demonstration of being able to reach even further, and ultimately, this near-manic cutting of sounds is what moves their genre forward.
Question: Need coments and titles for this book??? :)? well, im almost completely done with this book i've been working on for almost half a year. it's about a girl, serena and the love of her life dies before telling his feeling for her. this book goes back and forth from her journal to real life. it explains her love with him, how he dies and serena's life after the accident.

Answer:: The Memory and the Rose. The Epiphany,Affection, and Journal of Serena insert last name. I really like the last one. Epiphany meaning life changes, Affection representing love, and journal being a synonym of diary. Hope i could help :)
Beads, Braids and Beyond: Sophisticate's Black Hair Styles and Hair ... The best example of how Hair is remaking the current lo-fi psych sound can be found on the track “Crybaby,” a song that came and went straight through my ears on the first listen.  “Crybaby” is a psychedelic rockabilly song that plays on every standard of the 50s genre.  Start with a spoken/vocal moment before the song kicks in – check.  Have a groove that’s locked in and repetitive from the start – check.  The groove, while not changing, moves in a circular motion like the wheels on a train – check.  Toward the end of the song, a guitar or piano takes a solo and interrupts the groove – check.  It’s short and to the point – check.  It has a standard name – check.  It’s all there.  This isn’t to say that Segall and White Fence should be applauded simply for mimicking a rockabilly song.  The true feat is the fact that without analyzing it as such, it could easily be another distorted sound from their back catalogue.  I missed it on the first play because it works so well with the rest of the album.  Somehow, they paid homage to a sound that doesn’t fit in their spectrum, and still made it completely their own.
Question: What do you think of my story so far? The rain beat down against her skin, soaking her clothes and hair, as she ran hopelessly across the wet grass to the giant willow tree. Its branches seemed to reach out in all directions, and its leaves hanging low to the ground, creating a small, loving shelter.

Answer:: Wow that is some good writing, i clicked on this question with and was gonna click out of it, but i read it and it was really swell. Really well written and good story line so far.
remember though you can make it as low or high The fact that Hair is brief will have many overlooking how much is at work.  Segall and White Fence aren’t working track-to-track, they’re working moment-to-moment.  Each title features two or three garage movements slammed into each other all at once.  “Scissor People,” the record’s opus, exemplifies the genre by injecting a manic personality into the music: bouncy guitars, fuzzy guitars screaming high throughout, and an underlying groove that locks in and lets you know they’re in full control of the madness.  Most bands would be content with hitting the high point of sound in their genre, but not Segall and White Fence, who sever the track half way through with distortion bouncing around different channels until pieces of the puzzle click back into another groove entirely, one that eases the listener out of the track.  “Scissor People” is the current highpoint for the 60s throwback psych movement, and one of the standout moments on a record that reinvents a genre. Ty Segall and White Fence are just two names among a growing list of bands/artists looking to chime in with their own interpretations of the 60’s lo-fi psych sound.
Question: Would I be able to work for NME or any other music magazine? I'm 13, so I've still got time to learn. I've always wanted to be a music journalist, because I want to do something music based but I cannot sing etc. Well this is the first bit of a review i'm doing on a band called The Courteeners. Walking up to tonights popular venu, I see girls dressed up in little dresses and high.

Answer:: I'm no pro, but I think it is original and for your age you are quite talented. I can really feel the atmosphere.
  The genre has a huge fan base and needs a record like Hair to shake the familiarity and boundaries of the sound.  In doing so, Segall and White Fence have changed the conversation from how much nostalgia should be borrowed to how far the reinterpreted sound can be pushed to create...


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


The Mile-High Hair Club
The Mile-High Hair Club
ISBN 0843955643,9780843955644 , Making It , 2005
In an effort to help her ailing mother, one woman tries to reconcile her Southern roots with her Manhattan lifestyle--and learns a few beauty pageant secrets along the way.
, 1947
LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at LIFE.com, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet....

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