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Beads, Braids and Beyond: Part 1: Protective Style Challenge Intro ...

Question: What can I do to my hair when I get out of the shower at night for it to look amazing in the morning? I've experienced with many mini braids and loved the frizz, then I tried multiple twisty buns and got very nice waves. But what next. D: How should I arrange my wet hair so that when I sleep on it, it turns out nice.

Answer:: i usually like to put a thick braid, or 2 in it for nice thick waves :)......
Beads, Braids and Beyond: Mini Braids Goals: For this challenge I plan to keep her hair in twists. I will be using mostly Shea Moisture products & probably some KBB & Hairveda. She will be sleeping with her hair covered. I'm participating in this challenge because I like the idea of little manipulation to the hair. This pic was taken right after the last protective style challenge( Kandy Land Kurls) we did that ended in March. Name: Miss Vaeh
Age: 5yrs old(going on 15)
 Goal: Grow and retain length, while maintaining moisture and overall healthy hair. Plans: Most likely mini-twists, a week of cornrows, and small or mini box braids(aahh! not sure about the braids). We usually wash/dc/moisturize/band on Fridays, then style on Saturday. Currently using Shea Moisture products, Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter and extra virgin coconut oil. Excited and looking forward to the challenge!

Name: Fifi (nickname)
Age: 3
Goals & Plan during the challenge: Protection. We will do mini/micro braids, that will hopefully last beyond the challenge, using Shea Moisture/Cara B products for moisture and coconut oil to seal.
Question: Ok I am White. And I really want micro mini braids with extensions. Will it stay in my white girl hair? Basically I am wondering if they will stay in my hair. I have naturally curly hair. And it is shoulder length but of course I want them almost down to my butt. I wanted to bleach blond on top and black underneath layers. But I really don't want to do that to my hair. And how much does it cost.

Answer:: many white people look fine with micro braids. Extensions are very expensive though. I would recommend just getting the hair you have done.
Braids for any occasion Kinky Curly gel and homemade flax seed gel for the actual braid-in. Will only wash her hair if her scalp eczema acts up, but will leave the braids in if we do so. Looking forward to laughs and learning! :-D

Name: "Bunny"
Age: Ten Goals &
 Plan during the challenge: My goal for my little sister is that Bunny will better know how to care for her hair by the end of the moth. More than anything she wants to go to the Olympics so she's always with her coaches in the gym so I really haven't been taking care of her hair as well it needs. I definitely want to improve in that area. Overall I really wanna get her a more set hair care routine before the summer. We love Darcys products so that's probably what we'll be using =)

Name: "N"
Age: 7
Goals & Plan: I wash &condition once a week. Deep Condition twice a month. Prepoo&Protein Treatment once a month. I plan on starting off the challenge with mini twists. Our goal is some more growth. I use natural/organic hair products and Im always switching with each wash.
Question: Should I get mini braids? Ok, so lately I've been wanting to get minibraids--they just look so cool. Thing is, I don't know a thing about them. I know, I know, I should do any hairstyle I want, but I don't want people to look at me like I'm trying to be.

Answer:: Mini braids. As in micro braids. Just make sure you get them done by someone who will do a good job. When you get them, make sure your stylist isn't braiding them to your roots very tight, or else that will cause breakage and thinning of the hair. As for taking care of them, depending on what type of hair you use, you.
Mini Braids Into Messy Bun | HairStylesByMommy.com But the main brands I use are Blended Beauty, Bee Mine, Shea Moisture, Cara B naturally, and Eco Styler Gel.

Name: Alayah
Age: 4
Goals: My goals this challenge are to establish a routine for her hair. I'm really bad about braiding and then doing nothing to it until it's time to take it out as far as moisturizing goes. I really want to concentrate on her ends and I hope to retain length. I plan on washing once with Curls cleansing cream, co-washing with curls conditioner, and moisturizing with shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. I will also use jajoba oil or coconut oil on her scalp as needed. I plan on doing some type of conrows on her head that will hopefully last the whole challenge. :)

Name: Bunny
Age: 5
Goals and plans: My baby's ends are a mess, so first we're doing a good trim. I plan to style in box braids and wash/condition biweekly. I'll moisturize daily, and spritz daily. Hopefully she'll retain and gain some length.
Question: I want micro mini braids but i have really short hair.....? I wanted a manageable yet nice hairstyle. My hair is long in the front but much shorter in the back, like a modern day mushroom. I'm hoping it will grow a little longer between now and then (it already has a little). I wanted to know if anyone knew how many.

Answer:: You can do it while its that short just get some weave braided on with it.it
Style on Mini braids (natural hair) - SimplyNatural Products: Shea moisture curl and shine shampoo, suave almond and Shea cond., knot today leave in, coconut oil, and wax to seal her ends. I'll Spritz with a mix of water,almond oil, olive oil, jojoba lol, and Aloe Vera gel. Im hoping to get at least 3 Weeks, with the box braids. She gets fuzzy fast, lol.

Name: "Babydoll"
Age: 3
Goal: Keep hair healthy and retain lenth I have been cowashing my babydoll's hair for over a year and have seen great result with so much less shedding. We are always trying new products as we have not found anything that truely works to keep her hair moisturized. I have learned how AMAZING moisturizing and sealing really is. Looking to keep her ends healthy and moisturized so I am not cutting so much off during trims. Will be trying a few of the Darcie's products. I really hope they work for us. Fingers crossed!

Name: Jazmyn
Age: 6
Goals & Plan: My goal for Jazmyn is growth and overall hair health. I want to work on moisture retention most of all. My plan is to keep her hair in cornrows and box braids.
Question: mini braids in my hair!? I have waist length hair and i just made some random little tiny braids in my hair in some layers. do you think it would look good if i did a lot of them but still kept some of my hair not braided.

Answer:: Absolutely,check out Tomb Raider girl.
First set of Mini Braids Those work best for us. I use a sulfate free conditioner made by Melaleuca and add olive oil, honey, and a little coconut oil as a Pre-poo. I use the As I Am deep conditioner, and finish off with the Kimaytube leave-in conditioner. I use the Shea Moisture Curl Pudding, Shea Butter, and coconut oil during styling.

Name: Carmen
Age: 6
Goals: Retention, growth, and moisture!! Products: Organix Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner, Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Hair...

Goldilocks*n*Me: Mini Braids

Question: micro-mini braids????? I'v gotten the cornrows before but I'v never gotten actual sortof micro braids and i was wondering if it hurts more and if it hurts while she's doing them and about how long does it take. how do you know when to take them out and how long do they last i HOPE longer than a month.

Answer:: I'm actually gonna get braids myself this weekend, but not micro-mini. It does hurt, so get them a little bigger. Otherwise your hair will break--a lot. Expect to have to sit upright for several hours. And the pain depends on the person giving you the braids. Mine usually hurt for about a day or 3..
hairstyle Popular Mexico Hairstyles – BraidsThe time had come.  The frizz came to be too much to bear and Goldilocks' 90 mini-braids had to come down.  I loved them dearly, it was my all time favorite style that I've ever done and they will be returning VERY soon!

Alright so to begin, I washed G's hair with the braids still in.  It was very convenient to get right to her scalp and the parts from all those braids made it very easy to cleanse her scalp.  I used Bruce's Babe's Butter Shake 'n Shampoo.  After the rinse I then coated her hair in tons of Aussie Moist Conditioner, and tied her hair up to finish her shower, instructing her to make sure she did not rinse her hair.

When she got out of the shower her hair was soaking (but not dripping) wet and very slippery from all of the conditioner.  I put her in warm, cozy pajamas and put a towel over her shoulders because her hair was going to be soaking wet for at least an hour while I completed the takedown.

To start, because these braids were so little, I had to use a fine-toothed comb to undo the ends.
Question: how long does it take to braid micro mini braids ? IM suppsed to be doing somebodies hair like that and I wanna know how long does it take to finish them.

Answer:: it takes some people 3-5 hrs, but i've known people to sit 10-15 hrs. It also goes quicker if more than one person is braiding the hair.
This is what her box braids looked like when I first put them in:  I stuck the comb into the braid a plait or 2 above where the braid ended and pulled it through.  It slid right out due to that nice, slippery, slimy conditioner.  The white residue you may see in the comb is conditioner.  There was a LOT of conditioner involved, lol

For some of the smaller braids, I was able to take down a good portion of the braid this way.  Just by continuing to comb through the braid, moving up a plait or two each time.  The comb slid right through with no resistance due to all of the slip we had from the conditioner.  This method didn't work on the thicker braids though.  For those, I used the methods below After we were done (2 hours and one quick break later), and G's hair was all in jumbo twists, I rinsed all of the conditioner out.  Sometimes I do leave in conditioner in her hair but this was WAY too much to leave in.  The purpose was slip, so there was a ton and it had to go.  So here we are all rinsed and ready to add moisturizer and band for the night!  (Hair appears piece-y and chunky from being rinsed in twists and not combed through)


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


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