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Question: I'm having trouble with smooth hair. Any ideas? My hair is naturally a nice color, I've never treated it with any colors or highlights or anything. I own 3 curling irons more due to musical theatre, because I DON'T want to go through the process of curling it every day. I also own a straightener that works on wet or dry hair, but I do not have the paitence to straighten.

Answer:: I would try the Frederic Fekkai line that is sold at Bath & Body Works. I love the glossing creme but there is also a smoothing creme. Also, the Rx protein shampoo could help you. Sometimes we (I worked there and loved it.it. You can read more about the Frederic Fekkai line.
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I dyed my hair blonde in a box awhile back, then blonde again recently to take out some of the rust-colors from the first time around, and now I’ve dyed it pink. I anticipate a lot of hair dying will happen for me this summer. That’s the plan.

I read some online about the process of temporarily dying your hair with Kool-Aid and what I ended up doing was buying a container of Archer Farms sugar-free strawberry lemonade mix at Target (the alternative option because they had no pink lemonade Kool-Aid), put three packets-worth in a disposable cup, added a little water, stirred it up with a popsicle stick until it was mostly smooth, added some Marilyn hair treatment from Lush, added some Veganese conditioner from Lush, stirred it all up until the mixture was even, put some conditioner along my hair line in front and back and on my ears, applied the mix above my bang line with the popsicle stick and combed it in with a black cheapie comb, dipped the comb in the mix and combed back my bangs, put on gloves, combed in the mix around my hair line in front, applied to gloved fingers and massaged in for the rest of my hair.

Question: How do other countries or cultures use oils in terms of body and hair care? Do some use it daily? I visited my friend and beauty school and she washed my hair and used a moraccan oil that made my hair lush plush smooth and soft. what other countries use oil for skin or hair and what do they use and how often.

Answer:: The Tahitians use Manoi Tapani Coconut Oil on their hair. It has a gardenia flower in each bottle for fragrance. I used it there on my honeymoon and have used it ever since. If they don't carry it, get a jar of coconut oil for cooking, put a little in a smaller bottle with a butter knife, cap it and hold it under hot tap water or microwave it.
Then I put a thermal conditioning shower cap over that, and wore it in for about three hours, then I rinsed it out and washed it too until the water ran clear, then I blow-dried it and used hot rollers the next day because I’m convinced it hides my dry ends and makes my hair less fluffy and crazed.

Product Reveiw—Hair: Smooth 'N Shine Olive & Tea Tree Treatment ...

Question: Best shampoo and conditioner to make your hair silky smooth? I'm looking for a product that with leave my hair soft, shiny, and so silky you can run your fingers through it.it. I currently use lush shampoo bars and naked naturals conditioner. I do die my hair, but I plan on dieing.

Answer:: Everyone's hair is silky & smooth, UNTIL you start doing 'stuff' to the hair. Straightening, & the use of hot curlers. Sulfates: It's a new form to trying to get people's attention. The hair industry is a billion dollar business. Example: Green tea is the new trend and it is healthier for you, or buying coffee at Starbuck's, they taste sweeter.
Review] LUSH - Caca Rouge, Henna Hair Dye • utsukushisa

I have dry frizzy hair. Granted, if I took care of my hair as I should, I would not have dry frizzy hair. I would probably have a head full of gorgeous curls. But, I happen to be uber lazy and tend not to practice what I preach.

When my lazy tendencies take over, drastic measures must be taken. Case in point: I had a week home in my sickbed. During said week, I abandoned all sensibilities regarding proper hair care. By the end of said week, my hair (that’s a liberal estimation of the stuff that was sprouting from my head) was a hot mess.

Dry, standing on end, ultra frizzy—just imagine the iconic image of a person with their finger stuck in a light socket.

Enter my savior— Smooth 'N Shine Olive & Tea Tree Treatment Oil. I was sent this product to review, and it arrived in the nick of time.

About Smooth 'N Shine Olive & Tea Tree Treatment Oil:
• Penetrating & Controlling
• Weightless care
• Olive & tea tree oils
Revive your hair with a daily treatment of moisture and protection with this lightweight penetrating oil.

Question: Please help - My hair is frizzy and wavy, but I really want lush, smooth, straight, soft, silky hair? The super-smooth, super-shiny, super-lush, super-silky amazing looking hair. The kind you can run your fingers through and it falls right back into place, perfectly. Here's the thing: I want it without straightening my hair using a blow drier/straightener. I'm strictly, strictly against it because it ruins.

Answer:: Just use a straightener. Blow drying after the shower is cake and when you do that straightening doesn't take but 3 minutes tops. And i have long hair. Buy products that are made for people who use heat sources on their hair. As far as not wanting to use those fine but the only other thing I can think of is chemical straightening which is.
Copyright bridal-hair-makeup.com, 2011. Formulate with a perfectly balanced blend of Olive and Tea Tree Oils that nourish and transform hair on a microscopic level so hair doesn't feel weighed down! Much more than a serum, this treatment oil protects and stimulates as it locks in moisture to help smooth, shine and tame unmanageable hair!

My results:

When I first received Smooth 'N Shine Olive & Tea Tree Treatment Oil I opened it and loaded my hair up with a generous dollop. I loved the smell, the texture and the way it was absorbed into my hair. Even though this product has a high silicone derivative content, it did a great job at making my hair feel nourished.

I particularly like that this treatment oil can be used on both wet and dry hair. So for my second usage, I applied Smooth 'N Shine Olive & Tea Tree Treatment Oil after shampooing. I let my hair air dry naturally and was impressed to see that my hair dried without the usual frizz factor.

I also recommend using this product as a daily or every other day grooming and conditioning products.

A word of caution—despite the low cost, less is still more with this oil treatment for hair.

Question: HOW CAN U MAKE YOUR HAIR SMOOTH,SILKY,AND SHINY AFTER STRAIGHTENING IT?????? PLEASE HELP!!? how can u make your hair look like this. com/images/a05/bk/3k/silky-lush-hair-800X800. com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/silky_hair_with_maxiglide. and wat prdoducts can u use.

Answer:: Well I use a Tresemme heat-resistant spray that helps keep your hair soft and shiny after you use a straightener. I live in Ireland but I'm sure it's available in most countries (oh and by the way, buy the Tresemme spray that's black and purple on the cover.
lush big conditioner charles worthington full volume conditioner serum ... A nickel-sized portion is plenty to cover and saturate a medium short head of hair.

Bling Factor:

Pro: Great fragrance, lightweight, absorbs and protects
Con: Too much can be dispensed with squeezing the bottle
Buy again: Yes
Price: $5.99
Packaging: 3 Blings—Ordinary plastic bottle, not spectacular and too much product is dispensed
Overall: 4 Blings—A great value for a drug store product that works well. If this product had ingredients of natural origin and better packaging, it would sail into the 5 Bling-category. Definitely a best-drugstore buy!

Tracey Brown, beauty expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the owner of Brown Beauty Consulting, a boutique marketing firm and editor-in-chief of Blinging Beauty. After 30 years in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, trainer and skin care expert, and a member of the team that launched Sephora.com, Tracey is now a brand strategist and published journalist, being called upon for her expertise by such mediums as CNN and CBS.
Question: how to get lush hair? i'm looking for any products or home recipes tht could help give me a little bit more volume and silky smooth hair. also wht are some ways to get a lean body i 'm just looking to tone up x.

Answer:: Things You'll Need. Conditioner. Moisturizing shampoo. 1 First off, make sure your diet is right - eat plenty of iron and vitamins. 2 Condition your hair weekly, or every other time you shampoo (use a moisturizing shampoo for better results). 3 When you wash your hair, wash out the shampoo with hot water but then rinses your conditioner with cold.
Lush rolling long hair with an off center part She is often quoted on Trya’s TypeF, and her product reviews and editorials are cited as press mentions. Tracey is in demand for speaking appearances and her “5 Minute Face” workshop is always a sell-out. She sits on the board of National Women on the Rise (NAWR), named a top 10 social networking website by Black Enterprise, as the resident beauty expert, and is a four-star beauty guru on Fab over 50. Tracey is also an admitted eye cream, red lipstick, red wine, and mile-high-heel shoe freak.


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


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