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With summer knocking at my door, I have become rather obsessed with getting my body smooth and sexy for the season. My goal is to have my skin soft, smooth, hair free with a slight golden glow and healthy sheen just in time for maxi dress season! And in my opinion, there is nothing sexier than gorgeous, supple, satiny smooth skin which can really make you feel much more confident!

My current skin smoothing ritual is SUPER simple, involves only three products/tools and has made my skin  ridiculously smooth, soft and irresistible (just ask my hubby!) Would you like to know my secret trio?

Number 1: Philips Satin Perfect Epilator

First, I remove all of my unwanted hair with my Philips Satin Perfect Epilator

I recently discovered hair removal with an epilator thanks to Philips  and I have been hooked ever since! Getting rid of your unwanted body hair with an epilator is simple, fast and easy, however it does take a little getting used to.Easy And Simple Tips On How To Have Smokey Eyes Make Up Through Step ... Epilation removes hair from the root which is a bit intense at first, but the long lasting smooth results are worth the mild discomfort. I especially love the results that I get with the Satin Perfect Epilator on my underarms, the smooth results last for weeks!! LOVE!

Number 2: Use a Korean Scrubbing Cloth to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Skin

After you have epilated your unwanted hair, use an authentic Korean scrubbing cloth to remove all of the dead skin all over your body and make it baby soft

This is seriously my secret weapon for keeping my skin smooth and I can’t live without it! I have raved about Korean scrubs before and with this mitt, you can treat yourself to this thorough scrub at home. It is made out of silk and when you get the cloth wet, it deeply removes your old dry skin revealing fresh new smooth skin. These cloths are inexpensive and they exfoliate better than most scrubs I have tried!

Number 3: Nourish Your Skin With A Lovely Oil

Now that your skin is hairless and smooth, seal the deal with a gorgeous aromatic oil that replenishes your skin and gives your skin a healthy sheen

I recently picked up this Greek Olive Oil that comes from Old Vines at my local farmers market, it has a refreshing citrus aroma because it is enriched with a Vitamin C Blend and I just LOVE it! It smells divine and I feel like it is the perfect ending to my skin smoothing ritual.Other - Unlisted Brand - Braun 7280 Silk-Epil Xpressive Epilator You can even use the olive oil from your kitchen and add your fav aromatherapy oil to it, or pick up a special oil at a local boutique, your skin will thank you.

After performing this ritual, my skin is smooth, soft, happy and glowing. And all it takes is only three easy steps to get perfectly smooth skin, nice right?

What do you do to get your skin super smooth and soft? I’d love to hear your tips in the comment section below. And I encourage you to take a moment to enter the  Style Your Spring  sweepstakes at  www.beauty.philips.com  because Philips is giving away some amazing prizes, and I’d hate for you to miss out!

Philips Satin Perfect is an innovative solution for women who are looking for a simple, at-home hair removal tool to ensure they are ready for any outfit at a moment’s notice. Satin Perfect is a cordless, total body epilator that removes even the shortest hairs in one stroke, so skin stays silky smooth for up to four weeks. It includes an extra-wide epilation head with textured ceramic discs to remove even the finest and shortest (.LA MER The Lifting Intensifier--/0.5OZ Pevonia Power Repair Collastin ...5MM) hairs.Visit  www.Beauty.Philips.com  for more information on Philips female hair removal products.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Philips via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Philips.

LabellaIman: A Best Kept Beauty Secret: The Epilator

آلات إزالة الشعر سيلك-ابيل (Silk-épil) آلة ... Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. All items mentioned were purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.

If you're anything like me your body hair grows at a disgustingly rapid pace, forcing you to spend an unruly amount of money on shaving creams and razors each month. Well thats all over, I have a secret to share with you ( although it's been around for more than half of my life span, but I'M just now discovering it ). I purchased my first epilator a little while ago, and I wanted to wait a bit to see how I liked it before I reviewed it. I was on the hunt for a better hair removal process that didn't involve breaking bank, lasers. or creams that smell like boiled eggs spritzed with perfume that burn you like a mother... Finally I stumbled across this beautiful little contraption.

An Epilator is a electronic tweezing device. The device itself has 36, 24 karat gold tweezer discs (at least the one I bought has gold) that spin at a high speed to remove hair from the root.Creative Coffee Brown - Turquoise Green Crepe Suit With Dabka ... This process -- unlike shaving- - is a lot more effective. Shaving and shaving creams remove hair from the surface, but unfortunately the hair grows back almost instantly (for a lot of people). Epilating and waxing remove the entire hair from the root, making the hair grow back slower and thinner . The difference between epilating and waxing? No messy wax, no burning, and no monthly visits to the salon! The similarities? the removal (pulling from the root), and depending on what part of the body you're removing hair from, it can be painful .

The Epilator I purchased:
The Process:

It's best to epilate on dry areas so that the hair is easier to grab. Plug in the epilator and adjust it to the speed of your choice, sit the tweezers on the area you want to remove hair from and move the epilator up and down a few times in that area (you have to go over certain areas a few times). It's probably best you do it over the tub, a towel, or a hard surface for best clean up.

What to Expect:
On some (Legs, arms, face) areas it feels like tiny little pricks all over your skin. After a while the pain numbs (no seriously, it does!). On other areas though (Arm pits, bikini line) It feels like you're sitting in panties made of needles , or you're peeling layers of skin off one by one ! I wont lie, these parts hurt like HELL, but the results are amazing!

Word to the wise:
Do NOT put lotions, perfumes or alcohol directly on the areas you removed hair from. You WILL feel as though you've been dipped into the fiery pits of hell -- okay that's probably a bit dramatic, but you will feel as though some one set your leg aflame.

  • Cheaper than waxing/shaving in the long run
  • Removes the entire hair from the root
  • Hair grows back slower 
  • Hair grows back thinner (if at all)
  • Removes dark tint from armpits caused by hair under the skin 
  • Travel accessible


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


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Catalogue ...
ISBN , 2012
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Motion picture
ISBN , 2012

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