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Summer Makeup

3 Easy Makeup Looks to Streamline Your Summer: Makeup and ...

Question: What are some pretty Summer makeup ideas? hi, i am trying to find a nice summer makeup look online. i ws wondering if u had any good ideas send me link to pictures on some pretty looks.

Answer:: My absolutely favorite thing to do in the summer is to use some of MAC's Naked pigment to highlight my cheekbones. It looks fantastic in the sun.
We have showcased here the Spring Summer 2010 Makeup Ad Campaigns for ...

Having spent a good part of my life in South India, summers really aren’t my favorite time of year, and then there were those days in college walking around a campus without trees! Back then, my summer makeup routine consisted of a shaky line with a black eyeliner, and it hasn’t changed much over the years.

Sure, I take a little extra care with the moisturizer now, and try not to forget my sunscreen, but the last thing I want to do on a glorious (or sweltering!) summer day is spend time in front of the mirror on an elaborate makeup look. In summer, my priorities lie elsewhere, like in the frozen food aisle.

The sooner I get out of the house, the better, and with that in mind, here are 3 quick makeup looks that I depend on each summer.

1. Fresh-faced and natural

This look has always been a favorite with my husband, and for a while I walked around with the mistaken belief that it had something to do with the way I look! Turns out, it has more to do with how fast I can be ready to head out the door.

Much as I hate accepting that he’s right about anything, the lazy side of me has to agree with him on this one.

Question: what is the best summer makeup & essentials for dry skin? hey girls i need help finding a great tinted moisturizer, toner, eyeshadows, waterproof mascara, bronzer, lipsticks and such to achieve a fresh makeup look that wont sweat off my face during the summer. what products have you found helpful for your dry skin in the summertime.

Answer:: tinted moisturizer: stilla from sephora. eyeshadows:lancome, or sephora products. waterproof mascara:lash blast waterproof. bronzer:bare minerals,warmth. dry skin always use moisturizer.
Makeup Trend 2011: You Can’t Live Without Summer Makeup Look ... It’s not every day that I have passably clear skin, but on days that I do, this is my go-to makeup.

First, I dab some corrector/concealer on my dark circles to make them a little less scary. Then, I use a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen in it, and apply foundation only to my problem areas. I wait a few minutes for that to set, and then blot with a tissue to remove any excess. I finish with a powder to set — only on the shiny areas that need it the most, like around my nose and chin.

Next, I dust on a matte brown eyeshadow, a black liner for tightlining (I lift the upper eyelid slightly to help with the lining), and a dark mascara to brighten the eyes.

That’s it! All done — well, almost. Rather than using a bronzer, I prefer peach-coral blushes that give a natural flush of colour with a hint of summer tan. And a dab of coral or pink lipgloss.

2. The statement lip

Some days are just gloomier than the others, and I’ll grasp at anything to make them more cheery.

Question: What are some fun summer makeup tips? I'm looking for something different to do with my makeup for the summer. I've tried magazines but I haven't found something i liked.

Answer:: Usually during summer, people go natural with makeup. You could try some nice rosy blushes, cute summer eyeshadows, and fruity clear lipgloss. You can also go onto google and search "summer makeup looks" Im sure there are a bunch of pictures that you will like.
Natural Summer, das Summer Make-up 2011 von ALCINA - Herzlich ... More often than not, the “anything” is a bag of Cheetos, but a more tummy-friendly option is to add a pop of colour to my makeup. Reds rule the roost when it comes to the classic statement lip, but a summer version for me includes colours like pink and coral. My current favorite: MAC Captive.

I start with well-scrubbed lips (a gentle sugar scrub works great, but so does an old toothbrush), apply lip balm, and wait a few minutes for it to absorb and soften your lips.

Dab away any excess balm, and apply your lipstick with a lip brush (gives a more even application than applying directly, imo), blot and reapply. If the colour needs any more help, I’ll add a fill-in colour with a lip liner.

For this look, I’ll keep the rest of my makeup neutral, with my trusty black liner along my lash line and a hint of blush.

3. A soft smokey look

A dark smokey eye has been my favorite makeup look ever since someone told me it would make my eyes look smaller. I don’t know how effective it is at that, but a simple smokey eye is fairly easy, even for a blending klutz like me! Not something I would ordinarily pick for a bright summer day, but there are times when I just want something more than a basic eyeliner, and an easy compromise is a smudged black (or brown/ plum) eyeliner with a brown eyeshadow, for a short-cut version of a soft smokey eye.

Question: What are some great summer makeup products? I just wanted to know what are some great lightweight makeup products for the summer. I have light colored skin and blue eyes ( people need to know that for some reason haha). Anyway they can be drugstore products or from sephora. I especially want lip and face products.

Answer:: Tinted moisturizer is great for the summer covergirl aqua smoothers is awesome and its like 6 bucks. NYC sunny bronzer is $2....
SUMMER EMOTIONS" Frühling/Sommer Trend Make up 2012 von Arabesque ...

I can’t imagine makeup easier than this! I start with a primer (currently loving the UD version), followed by a black liner close to my lash line. Smudge the liner with a blending brush, concentrating some of the colour into the outer corner. Then, using the same brush, I brush on a brown eyeshadow (or something else you like with your skin tone) over the entire lid, and blend out near the crease, before curling my lashes and applying mascara.

A beige lip and a dusting of soft peach blush finish the look.

Well, those are my favorite looks to wear over the summer, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years, it’s that nothing makes makeup easier than having healthy skin. Take it from the laziest girl around, it’s easier when my skin is in good shape. Drink plenty of water, go for a brisk walk, and get a good night’s sleep — and, of course, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Now, if only I could always remember to do all of that…

Glossy Runway Inspired Summer Makeup

Question: What are some good summer makeup tips for me? I'm in need of a new makeup look for summer. I have dark brown eyes,curly dark brown hair,skin the color of coffee with lots of milk,full lips,and an oval shaped face. Is that enough for some good summer makeup advise.

Answer:: For the day time you could use:. A face primer. Mineral Powder. Waterproof Mascara. Waterproof Eyeliner. (no concealer, heavy foundation, lipstick, or blush you'll sweat it off). You could try powder foundation but it needs to be waterproof. Night Time. Face Primer. Mineral Foundation. Mineral Powder. (you dont have.
MARBERT Summer Makeup Collection 2009 - House Of BeautyOkay, today's post is not going to blow anyone out of the water creatively but I wanted to try a new technique that I saw in a video by makeup artist Jordan Liberty. He loves using a mixture of gloss and rose salve to give eyes a sexy shine for photoshoots and I thought why not try it out myself. This look is definitely a lot more fun to wear than it is to take pictures of and I'll admit it is a BITCH to take off but there's something so sexy about wearing a glossy eye. I think it's the fact that it's a bit messy and very daring, especially when you do it in bold, summery colors. Don't you agree?


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


, 2006
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