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Hair, makeup, and clothing suggestions for first date?

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For our first date, we are going to an outdoor movie screening. Then, we’ll be walking over to a cafe for some drinks and dinner. There will be walking involved but too much. However, I still want to stay comfortable. It also does get pretty chilly at night. I want to stay warm and comfortable but still look classy, feminine, and put-together. I also need some help with hair and makeup. I am opting towards a natural look. How can I achieve this look? Any tips and suggestions? I’m 5’5″ with green-brown eyes and auburn brown hair.

Hair: Pull back your hair with a clip so it is half up, half down. You can either straighten it or make slight waves. By pulling back your hair and keeping some down it will bring out your cheekbones.
Makeup: Keep it simple. Wear eyeliner (black, since your date is at night), mascara, cover up any blemishes, and if you want an extra kick put on some deep purple eyeshadow on your lash line (NOT ALL OVER LID) to bring out the green in your eyes ( I have hazel eyes [green-brown] too and purple always brings out the green for some reason)
Clothing: I suggest wear jeans (either straight leg or skinny) and tuck it into boots. ... background and a gorgeous curly haired young lady | Makeup Gallery Wear a vee neck long sleeved shirt with a necklace to draw attention to, well you know where (but don’t wear a pushup and look like a slut hahaha). Then wear a cute jacket to keep warm. Also if you can wear dangling earrings because studies have shown men find women more attractive when they wear dangling earrings (has something to do with cheekbones haha)

Sorry for all this stuff! Hope I could help.
Here is a picture that you could go off of for your hair.

Keep your look casual but feminine.
Hair: Keep it in loose waves or loosely straight. You could put it in an up do, but keep it down for a more casual look.
Makeup: Go for neutrals, browns, pinks, and peaches. Try some mascara, peach blush/stain, and tinted lip balm or chapstick.
Clothes: You can try pairing a floral dress with a warm cardigan and ballet flats. If it’s even colder, add tights, scarves, boots, and layer with a peacoat.

Going Gray Makeover Series, Part II: Hairstyles, Cuts & Colors

Nice Young Girl With A Brown Hair And Blue Eyes Royalty Free Stock ...

Part 2 of our makeover series focuses on hairstyles, haircuts and color. You may have ditched the dye, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any more decisions left to make about your hair. Now that you’ve chosen to go gray, why not change up the way you frame your face as well? A new cut is one of the most popular ways women choose to revamp their looks and lifestyles.

Color is also a major consideration when you go gray in terms of makeup and clothing. A color analysis, according our resident makeover expert Kate Leser, can help you decide how to stock your closet and what palette of supplies to maintain in your makeup bag. But if you don’t want or don’t have access to a professional color analyst, there are ways to self-evaluate your personal color choices—just read on to find out what Kate suggests you do the next time you’re at the mall.

And don’t forget to send in your own questions for Kate to goinggray@goinggrayblog.com. She will answer reader’s questions in the last post of the series coming up in a couple of a weeks!

What kinds of factors should women consider when choosing a hairstyle and haircut? Are there any trends that you would heavily advise against? Any evergreen styles that work for everyone?

One haircut for all is not recommended.week ago i scribbled down my thoughts on those women who have ... A good, flattering haircut is based on several factors: your face shape, hair characteristics, your lifestyle and how much time you are willing to invest in maintenance.

Face shape: angled or contoured. An angled haircut will flatter and enhance an angled face. A soft, rounded haircut would be right for a more contoured face. (This is just the surface of a face shape analysis.)

Hair characteristics:
Texture: fine, medium or coarse
Formation: wavy, straight or curly
Amount: sparse, medium, thick
( Carmine Minardi, Minardi Salon )

Lifestyle: Conservative vs. fashion forward vs. natural.

Maintenance: How much time do you have each day to style your hair? Do you like to use hair tools (straighteners, blow dryers, curling iron, etc.)? Or do you prefer wash and go?

What qualities should a woman look for when searching for a hairstylist?

The stylist should understand and accept your needs/wants above all else. What do YOU want in a hair cut? i.Odessa Ukraine girls and women- dating, marriage, meeting in city ...e. Easy maintenance, to look sassy, not too short, to look fashion-forward, no bangs, etc.

She/he should respect your decision to go gray and be willing to do anything to help you through your transition period.

The stylist should have the experience with your type of hair, whether it’s coarse and thick or thin and limp. She/he should know how to enhance whatever head of hair you bring them.

The stylist has to understand the significance of face shapes and how it relates to a flattering cut. Don’t let she/he talk you into a cut just because it’s the latest trend—unless it works for your texture, face shape and lifestyle.

Are there any essential hair care tools that going-gray women ought to own? For example, what type of combs/brushes are best for gray hair? Are there any particular brands of shampoo, conditioner, etc. that you recommend?

There is a gamut of products one can use for gray. Knowing your hair (i.e. coarse and dry or limp and fine) is key, so if you don’t know, talk to your hairstylist about what products would work best for your particular hair.Make-Up for Read-Haired » Women beauty secrets, Fashion 2012, Makeup ... There are hydrating pomades, texturizing balms and glosses, styling lotions packed with vitamins and minerals to protect your hair from too much blow-drying and brightening shampoos and conditioners… the list is long!

Do you have any makeup color advice for women currently in the transitioning phase of going gray?

Looking at your self in terms of value really helps. Think of yourself in a black-and-white photo. Are our eyes dark, medium or light in value? What about your skin? What about your hair?

Take me for instance: I had dark brown hair (dark value), light skin and medium in value eyes. One dark, one medium and one light is what we call a contrasting value. Now that my hair is now medium to light in terms of value, I no longer have contrasting value to my overall look. I am considered a “True.” Long story short , my makeup should now be medium in tones, not too bright or dark but not too light either. Like Mama Bear—my porridge should be just right & my bed just right. How I wear my colors should also be medium in value.

Another example of someone who is contrasting is a woman with dark eyes, medium hair and light skin.Make-Up for Brunettes » Women beauty secrets, Fashion 2012, Makeup ... When she grays, her hair value is now light, but her eyes are still dark so she will remain contrasting in value. She will still need to maintain darker or brighter makeup to balance her overall...


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


The African-American woman's guide to successful make-up and skin care
The African-American woman's guide to successful make-up and skin care
ISBN 0965506428,9780965506427 , Amber Communications Group, Inc. , 1998
Gives advice on selecting skin care products and makeup, and tells how to plan a skin care routine to handle individual problems
The art of make-up
The art of make-up
ISBN , 2012

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