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Skin care in summer

Summer Skin Care: the 5 best lotions 2012

Question: What is the best care for seriously dry skin? In the summer my skin doesnt dry out but in the winter its harrible, ashy,almost scaly sometimes what is the best skin care for me.

Answer:: I find the best cure is to use moisturizing body wash or bar soap and then follow up with a light all over moisturizing lotion to apply post shower. Also, if it specifically your face, make sure you are using a lotion that is made for face use so as to not add clogged pores and acne to the dry skin.
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Innovative Awards For An Innovative Industry

The aesthetic and dental business is one of the most forward-looking industries in the world. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve and matches technological advances with human endeavor to create stunning solutions which change people's lives for the better.

The MyFaceMyBody Awards wants to recognise and celebrate this.

The prestigious awards are the first awards within the aesthetic and dental industry where consumers are involved in the voting process. Every treatment and cutting-edge procedure is aimed at helping consumers, so why not let them have a say in the products and procedures which have changed their lives? Let consumers tell us which clinics they love?

For this reason the awards aim to recognise and reward brands for their product innovation and popularity. Clinics will also be rewarded for providing exceptional experiences and outstanding customer service.

Let us offer you a very warm welcome to the MyFaceMyBody Awards.

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MyFaceMyBody is a television and online resource for consumrs seeking advice on hundreds of beauty and cosmetic treatments.

Question: laser hair removal and skin care treatment? i have very fair skin and very coarse hair on my legs and larger than average pores on my skin that are usually all clogged. what exactly are laser treatments for hair and skin. how expensive are they. GRRRR i'm uncomfortable showing skin in the spring/summer but i wish i could a little more.

Answer:: Prices per 1 treatment. Full face Costs - $150-300............
Skin Care Tips for Summer It allows people to access information, learn about treatments, follow the latest procedures and discuss them via our social media channels.

Now into its fourth year, MyFaceMyBody, is led by celebrity beauty consultant, Stephen Handisides.

Stephen presented the MyFaceMyBody TV show on Sky in the UK and now he will be producing its third series in America and Australia for 2012.

MyFaceMyBody in 2011 was also nominated for Best Product Innovation with the technology it developed around its interactive skincare testing and online shop.

Our ethos has always been to promote the aesthetic and dental industry and to try to create a common goal amongst everyone involved in changing people's lives. The awards therefore will also embody this philosophy and celebrate the achievements of the dental and aesthetic industry, leading medical professionals, clinics and brands.

Aesthetic Awards list

Best Injectable Anti Ageing Treatment
Best Cosmeceutical Product
Best Body Reshaping procedure incl semi invasive as well as take home devises
Best Skin Tightening Treatment ( take home or professional) includes Micro-needling, skincare, skin peels and also Laser treatments

Dental Awards

Best tooth whitening Product
Best Dental Hygiene Product - Floss, Electric, Mouthwash
Most Innovative Treatment or Service

Clinic Awards

Best Customer Experience
Best Clinic
Best Clinic Team
Best Non Surgical Makeover (Facial Aesthetics, body reshaping or smile transformations -vitamin,meso and fillers)

Media Awards

Best Documentary or Television Series
Best Online Information Resource
Best Beauty Ambassador
Best Industry Magazine (Trade Specific)

A Unique Opportunity For You

Why not make a statement about your company? One that says you are proud of your products, that you're setting industry standards and that you want to be associated with providing an exceptional consumer experience.

Question: How can I take care of my skin during the summer? My skin tends to flake a lot when it comes in contact with sun. I wear spf 90 sunscreen what could I due to make sure I don't get sun damage.

Answer:: make sure you moisturize well after any exposure to the sun, this will give your skin moisture and make it less flaky. Use ur sunscreen, scrub twice a week and apply a suitable mask once a week. During summer the only care you have to take is to avoid being dehydrated. you will then have dehydrated skin since your body is eliminating water more quickly since you sweat more.
Summer Skin Care Tips, Tips For Beautiful Girls Skin | Fashion Design The MyFaceMyBody awards will provide you with the opportunity to do this.

And that's not all.the awards are your chance to promote your products or service to both industry professionals as well as consumers. And this isn't a one-night affair. Our sponsorship packages have been designed to provide you with enhanced coverage over a six month period - before, during and after the event.

MyFaceMyBody will reach 10 million consumers during the run up to the awards via a television campaign, coverage in major magazines and news outlets, as well as via our exceptional social media channels.

Influence the influencers. The awards will be attended by leading health, cosmetic professionals, journalists and celebrities.

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More than 70% of the world's population have no access to the simplest of dental pain relief, leaving billions to face a daily battle with pain in the toughest of life circumstances.

Question: what is the best way to care for skin in the summer? from sun and heat and to keep a glow.

Answer:: SPF especially on the face 15 minutes of sun a day is good to keep that glow and protect your skin from damage. Using lotions with golden glitter on your shoulders, collar bones, cheek bones, eyebrow bones, in the corner of your eye and on the crease of your calf gives the illusion of a sexy glow.
Venus – Perfect Skin Care

Bridge2Aid was founded as a response to this terrifying problem, by providing access to dental pain relief and to help the millions of people suffering in the developing world. Focussing on sustainability, and with the help of dentists and nurses from the UK, they train more than 48 health workers each year with plans for expansion. Because of this work, an estimated 1.7 million people now live within reach of someone who can help them when they have dental pain.


Skin Care Tips For Summer

Question: skin care for dogs? my dog scratches alot in summer time.? My dog scratches alot in summertime. Dry skin maybe. she doesn't get hot spots. does not have fleas. she might get extra irritation from grass.

Answer:: it helps a lot. if your dog doesn't have any fleas/ticks then it helps keep them away.
Skin Cancer Awareness: Please, take care this summer, Skin Cancer ...

Summer is the season when you have to take special care of your skin. You may be surprised that your summer skin, which looked radiant throughout winter, suddenly looks dull, blemished and oily. This is because, in winter your skin’s natural oils solidifies, whereas in summer it flows freely. It’s estimated that 90 percent of wrinkles cause due to sun exposure. The sun’s long- and short-wave ultraviolet rays, or UVA and UVB, penetrate the deepest layers of skin, damaging the collagen — the spongy protein that gives skin it’s structure, firmness, and elasticity. Fair skin wrinkles more readily than dark skin because it contains less pigment, which acts as a natural sunscreen, blocking some of the sun’s damaging UVA and B rays…

To get your natural glow back, try out some of these home remedies. In case you have oily one, try out the paste of 3 tsp of sandalwood powder, several drops of lemon juice and 2 tsp of rose water. Once you make a semi liquid paste of these, apply over the face and allow it to dry.

Wash off with cold water when it gets dries. Lemon cuts of the dust and tanned layer, rose water nourishes skin and bring backs the glow and sandalwood gives natural whitening to the skin. If you have sun burn, then to fix it take some almonds and grind them in a grinder. Mix some saffron and 3 tsp of milk to it and use it as a scrub. Gently massage off the sun tan and get a nice radiant face. Do it at least thrice in a week to get quick results.

Intake of plenty of water must be added in your summer skin care plans . The harmful and skin damaging Ultra Violet rays of sun decreases the moisture level of your skin and over all body and leaves your skin rough and unattractive. Drink at least 10/12 glass of pure water. As water not only replenish moisture but also helps to flush toxins out of the body and keeps your skin looking clear and lustrous.

Add fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in your summer skin care plan. These fruits and fresh vegetables are full of essential nutrients and free radical fighting antioxidant properties which help to keep your skin cool in hot summer season.
You can also take fruit juices in your summer skin care plan as fluids and fresh juices not only glow your skin but also makes your skin younger than usual.

Milk is very very essential for young girls and women. Your summer skin care plans must have milk routine in them. It is a sad fact that majority of women especially young girls don’t take milk daily. Milk is the only ingredient which provides full enzymes, proteins, vitamins and essential nutrients needed for the body. If you don’t like milk than you can add some flavor or ingredients like almond, ceramal and rose water to make it tasty and flavored.


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


, 1984
EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.
, 2006
The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news.

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