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Question: What are the worse cosmetics or skin care brands you ever try? Name at least 3 of the worst makeup / skincare or cosmetics in general, brands that you will never use again or recommend to people, if you can, tell us why please.

Answer:: I'm not a fan of Avon makeup. I like the other gifts and what-have-you, just not the makeup. I really am not a fan of Maybelline mousse makeup either.
plastic packaging for cosmetic, skin care

If you've read my blog before, you know that I love Korean makeup, skincare and nail polish. Makeup, skincare and nail polish – along with hair colour – has always been a passion for me. I was probably the only girl on my sports teams that always wore some while playing. Trust me though; nothing makes guys play shallow in the outfield like seeing a girl with bright purple nails come up to the plate. Too bad for them, I can actually hit the ball; I just like nail polish too.

But I'm straying off-topic... much to my mother's amusement – she's never really be into any of it – and my father's dismay (and sometimes anger, he didn't like me wearing makeup as a teenager) I've always loved the stuff. So living in Korea was like living in a dream. I quickly fell in love with a lot of the products. Unfortunately, I have forgotten some of the face creams I loved because I was using samples of them and didn't keep track of which I loved the best. But some of the products I used and loved stayed in my mind. Here is a list of my favourites from some of the top Korean cosmetic stores.

Question: Who would like to know more about Mary Kay cosmetics and skin care? I am a senior consultant with Mary Kay and I am always looking for the oppertunity to share the greatest skin care in the land. And also if anyone has any questions about skin care I would be happy to help.

Answer:: Try the Mary Kay skin care line with customized skin care products for acne etc. The best thing to with your skin is always to keep it clean as well as treating breakouts. This helps prevent breakouts and other issues. There are five steps to basic skin care:. Tone/Freshen. The Mary Kay 3 in 1 cleanser can do the first three steps in one.
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Skin Food

Honey Lip Treatment

Image courtesy of Skin Food

This lip treatment is the perfect base for lipsticks, especially those darker colours. It helps to keep your lips moisturized but doesn't affect the colour of any lipstick you apply afterwards (just wait a minute in between). Plus it tastes sweet like honey! I originally bought it thinking it would be more of a lip balm but it works best as a pre-treatment for lipstick.

Peppermint Pore Diet Mask Peel Off

Image courtesy of Skin Food

I love facials and so of course, like products that allow me to give myself mini-facials at home. Face masks have always been a personal favourite – I often own several. This mask – along with another I can longer find – was my favourite. It's a great peel-off mask for the summer time; it's refreshing and makes your skin feel great. Plus it helps minimize your pores which is never a bad thing.


Black Sugar Mask

Image courtesy of Skin Food

This is one of the few of my favourites that is easily available in Canada (don't worry, I've sent my list to Momomango.

Question: What is the difference between skin care and cosmetics, can they be categorized together? I wanna know if i can say that skin care products are the same as cosmetic products.

Answer:: Cosmetics are more of a "cosmetic" approach to Beauty. Skin Care is the treatment of what is already given to us naturally, our skin, an then making it healthier. Usually cosmetics has nothing to do with skin care but more with Beauty. So you'll generally find skin care in a different category than cosmetics.
Cosmetics&skin care Purple natural mineral skin care Mask products ...com so perhaps they can carry them all sometime in the future). It should more accurately be called a black sugar scrub as it's a scrub, not a mask. But it's a fantastic and gentle scrub that will help give your skin a healthy glow if used weekly. It never once irritated my skin like some masks do.

Bath Salt – Lavender

Image courtesy of Skin Food

When I lived in Korea I used these for foot baths because I didn't have a bathtub. One package works perfect for a full bath (I brought some back to Canada and used them here) or it can be used for three or four footbaths. I've also tried and liked the Peppermint and Honey Jasmine. The lavender is perfect if you are trying to de-stress, the peppermint is great for in the summer and the jasmine for if you want to feel a little feminine.

Rose Cheek Chalk #1 Rose Pink

Image courtesy of Skin Food

This is the best blush I've ever used, hands down! The colour looks a little intimidating (it's bright pink) but it can go on either lightly (to give you a gentle glow) or more vividly (for night). I would recommend buying extra circle sponges though.

Question: What cosmetics/skin care brand has the best eye make-up remover? So far, the one I liked best is Neutrogena's and right now I am so not liking L'Oreal's eye make-up remover. I use black eye pencil and mascara a lot and they never come off properly.

Answer:: Mary Kay eye make up remover. Oil-free Safe for Contacts if you wear them. It won't burn your eyes and its great. If thats not an option, I also SUggest Rimmel. It works great.
MK Skin Care & Cosmetics are independent beauty consultants, working ... It does come in different colours but I find this one goes with not only my skin tone (my olive undertone is similar to most Koreans) but most others as well.

Oil Control Film

Image courtesy of Skin Food

These little blue sheets are essential in the summer time (or whenever it's humid) to control shine. Keep a pack in your purse!

The Face Shop

Clean Face White – Intensive Blemish Clear Patch

Image courtesy of The Face Shop

These patches are the best thing I've ever tried – bar none – for the occasional acne outbreak. They come in single packs (10 patches) and the multi-pack (50 patches). You simply remove a patch and apply it to the blemish after you wash/cleanse your face a night and then go to sleep. In the morning, remove the patch and you'll notice the blemish is smaller and way less red (and sometimes, completely gone).

Pure Water Facial Mist – Jeju Orange

Image courtesy of The Face Shop

Light and refreshing, keep it in the fridge during the summer and it will cool & refresh your skin while helping to keep it hydrated.

Question: Are there any Direct Selling Companies that I could sell organic skin care and cosmetics for? I'm looking for a company such as an Avon or Mary Kay where I could sell organic/green, health conscious skin care/cosmetics. Does anyone know of a reputable company like this.

Answer:: For a company to claim that their products are "natural" It just means they need to contain natural ingredients. There is NO company that is 100% all natural, otherwise for them to not lose thier potency, the products would need to be refrigerated. Mary Kay products contain natural ingredients ,minerals , and botanicles, but do not advertise as.
Cosmetics, Skin Care Products - China Skincare Cream, Cosmetics, Skin ... This facial mist doesn't do double duty like the one below from Banila but comes in different scents so you can choose the one you like best. I would often use this after showering at the gym in the summer in place of moisturizer (it's super humid in Seoul so I needed less moisturizer).

TFS Plus +1 Lip Care Stick Pomegranate

Image courtesy of The Face Shop

This is a lightly...

Cosmetics, skin care products in the end give you?

Question: I want to start my own private label cosmetics and skin care line. Anyone know of any companies that do this? I need a high quality product line for my private label cosmetics & skin care collection that I intend to start. Since I am new to this, I'd like a recommendation of an experienced company with exceptional products.

Answer:: Check out Audrey Morris Cosmetics http://www. This company will set you up with everything you need to start your own private label cosmetics and skin care line. They have custom makeup products and premium black or platinum packaging. Audrey Morris Cosmetics begins with helping you to develop your brand and offer in-house printing and can assist with customizing a logo.

Today, the streets are major beauty makeup nail places, used to be rare, which is why it? Needless to say, that is, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people on the pursuit of physical health, a slim figure, more youthful, more beautiful face, began to higher demand and a new understanding.

     So, having a healthy slim body and beautiful face, real rely on in exchange for it? After reading the following recommendations may be able to find your answer.

     First, the personal attitude towards anything when you are done and do one thing in life or work, you will have what kind of mood? It goes without saying that the mood will certainly be well, life will get the approval of family or friends, work, your boss or colleagues praise. I remember once, burn a red fire wings root “of the dishes at home, several times, were not well, the family barely eat, I was also very clear, did not burn a good dish. Later, a friend’s house to play, just hit them in this dish, so I learn next is how do people, finally, I do this dish, and family to eat a thumbs-up wait for them to lick the plate! Perhaps you say, and physical health, beauty, like nothing to do, then if you think so, then it is wrong.

Question: How to start a cosmetics /skin care products line? I am interested in having my own skin care /cosmetics line. Is there a book with all the steps help me from the beginning. Thank you, thank you.

Answer:: It takes A LOT of work and A LOT of research to do this. You need to know who you want your buyers to be and what kind of product you want to sell. Then you research what goes into a product and have to find a Manufacturer to.
The data show that long-term tracking and investigation of domestic and foreign experts often do housework, and do not often do the housework comparative study found that these people often do housework rarely suffer from colds, and so some small disease, and the body the function indicators are standard, such as body weight, degree of flexibility of the brain, and so on have been greatly improved. Body better, the mood will be better, feel good, can cause gastrointestinal series of the endocrine system will directly affect the face, oh! Needless to say, presumably, domestic tasks, including a lot of tasks much better, as long as earnestly fulfill everything, he will let you get unexpected results from the inside out.

     Secondly, the diet is also very important, and different body, the skin in the diet surface is very different, if you are acidic, eat some food containing alkaline in the diet 10 million (also available online , there are a lot of diet on the human body are the benefits of knowledge) the body must be acid-base balance, be more healthy and beautiful. Eat less spicy, less drink liquor, a little red wine may be appropriate to drink before going to sleep at night, a cosmetic effect, try.

Question: how to start a cosmetics /skin care products line? I am interested in having my own skin care /cosmetics line. Is there a book with all the steps help me from the beginning. Thank you, thank you.

Answer:: There are only four manufactures of cosmetics in the US who sell to many cosmetic lines. Rather than starting your own line I would sell Motives Cosmetics. build up a residual income over $100,000 per year. Then look into setting up your own line. net for details
Must be kept drinking more than three cups of warm water every day, (it is best not to drink carbonated beverages), perennial stick, you will get very unexpected results.

I do so, at least from the face looks better than the actual age 5 years old Oh, someone else says so, not boastful.

     The third point is to find time to exercise, playing badminton, bowling and other activities which are beneficial health activities, less playing mahjong, do not sit too long, usually two hours after the best up activities activities in all parts of the body, head , waist and other places.

     The fourth point is also very easy to do that is not love at night going to bed early, usually the person’s normal sleep time is to ensure that the sleep time in about seven hours for adults, children at least 9-12 hours. Both men and women, often staying up late the next day the spirit is certainly not to go, will directly affect your work, looking haggard, his face yellowed or dark circles, angry, Zhangdou wrinkle , and a long time down the bags under the eyes will be stretched, long-term this will be less than the original, especially over 40 years old – age people to pay attention to this aspect. Should not the latest Do not exceed 0:00, we should go to bed rest. Necessarily guarantee the sleep time and sleep quality. Remember, sleep Oh.

     The above small suggestion, if we do, the fact in your side, with their own situation, and to experience, to discover a healthier, more beautiful, you getting closer.

Finally, the face is more beautiful, needed internally and externally, outside, to the maintenance of unity between the two, it is necessary selection of some suitable for cosmetics, skin care products, Cream, sunscreen, BB cream, acne and oil control , perfumes and other cosmetics. To beautify, maintain the skin in order to get the desired effect of the external maintenance, beautiful, only a more perfect!


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


Handbook of Cosmetic Skin Care
Handbook of Cosmetic Skin Care
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