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Skin Care: Caring for Acne or Troubled Skin Care « Bath Savvy Blog

Question: 28yr old Female With Skin Issues!!!!!? I am a 28yrs old and I have had troubled skin pretty much since puberty. I still have acne type issues and it drives me nuts because I'm almost 30...

Answer:: I had acne since I was 13 and when I was 27 i found out about Accutane (Isotretinoin) pills. I would get bad acne every time I ate peanuts pistachios sun flower seeds etc and now I can eat those things. I would be broken out all the time but especially bad when I ate those types of foods.
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With the weather changing, our skin changes as well. If your skin tends to break out and you develop acne here’s a few simple tips to keep in mind and try for a healthy, glowing complexion.


1. Fight acne from the inside out. Eat a balance diet full of fiber and fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Drink plenty of fluids to flush out impurities from the system. – atleast 8 – 10 glasses of water or water based beverages each day like herbal tea or diluted fruit juices.

3. Chocolate is fine but try to avoid or limit the amount of seafood and salty snacks you eat. They are both sources of iodine which can aggravate acne in some people.

4. Take  well balanced vitamins and or mineral supplements. Vitamins A and B6 and Zinc helps to clear up acne.

5. Keep your fingers ( and everyone elses!) out of your cosmetic products. This prevents germs and bacteria from entering into your products so use scoops and spatulas or pour creams, lotions etc into smaller containers with a pour lid.

6. Keep your hand and hair out of your face! Your hands and hair will only irritate blemishes plus it exposes the skin to harmful bacteria.

Question: 28yr old Female With Skin Issues!!!!! Advise Please? I am a 28yrs old and I have had troubled skin pretty much since puberty. I still have acne type issues and it drives me nuts because I'm almost 30...

Answer:: It is hormone related and different birth control pills always helped but they had side effects I couldn't tolerate so I am having my hormones tested so I can get on the right medication. I can't stress enough that it is hormones.
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7.  Get plenty of rest. Lack of sleep can cause stress and stress leads to unexpected breakouts. Remember a clear head equates to clear skin.







Follow these tips and you’ll be summer skin ready in no time!


Tips from Natural Beauty at home by Janice Cox

bang bang she shoots: Fighting mild acne and current skincare routine

Question: Birth control used for skin care? I never had trouble with my skin up until just recently. I worked in a greasy restaurant last summer and think maybe the has something to do with it but it's been about a year and I always have a blemish on my face. Does the Yaz birth control really help with your skin.

Answer:: the truth is birth control may help or it may hurt your skin. It depends on the individual,thats not really a reason to try that paticular birth control, the best thing is to stick with a strict cleaning schedule for your skin, washing morninig and night and follow with a moisturizing cream before bed. never sleep in make-up and try not to frown alot this adds years to your skin.
NEW ITEMS ADDED FOR DRJART PRODUCT! DR JART ACNE-X Product Line ...A few of you asked me to share how I improved my mild acne - here's how... By no means am I an expert.. I'm just simply sharing what I did. It may work for me and may not work for you but I am hoping this could give a good picture on how to improve and having better skin!

I started to break out after a few days I arrived in Hong Kong - they weren't actually that noticeable though - just a pimple here and there around my t-zones. It wasn't actually that bad until I noticed it just wasn't going away. I was breaking out for the whole month.

There were a list of things that could have triggered my acne -

  •  Travelling (can be stressful) - flying made my skin extremely dehydrated / changing from a dry climate to a humid climate - my skin had a hard time adjusting to it.

  • Lack of sleep - couldn't sleep well throughout my stay there. Maybe it was the bed..

  • Diet - I had stuffed myself with indulging egg tarts and the typical HK food is quite oily and I had too much sugar in my diet.

  • Wasn't drinking enough fluid - this led to dehydrated skin as well as not being flush out the toxins in my body.
    Question: What Korean skincare brand is best for oily, acne-prone skin? ? Laneige (Pore Care line). Skin79 (AC Clinic Anti-Trouble Skin). Skinfood (Parsley & Mandarin Line, & Tea Trea line). TheFaceShop (CLEAN FACE line). Missha (Super Aqua Anti Trouble Formula). Etude House (AC Clinic).

    Answer:: You can't go wrong with Skin Food. I've been a loyal customer for years. Their product is not oily, and doesn't have an oily feeling at all. I'm using the skin care products for men which consists of cleanser, toner and moisturizer. How I feel lucky that I'm of the male species.
     ... Blog: Welcome to Indonesia (Cosmetics)-Make Up & Skin Care Regime

  • Hormones - travelling definitely affected the functions of it! Hormones can trigger pimples. I was going through some tough PMT!

  • Poorly prepared travel skin care - resorted to buying products that didn't suit my skin type. I bought Neutrogena Hydro Boost Foaming Wash because my skin was so dehydrated from the flight - feeling desperate I went for this. In hindsight, I should have gone for a milky gently cleanser. The scent was so strong and it'd leave a horrible taste in my mouth - yes my mouth! Obviously, it wasn't right for my oily combo skin type so it didn't help my breaks out.

  • Lack of scrubbing - there was obviously a built up of dirt from the pollution in Hong Kong.

- No i don't mean dieting I mean eating healthily! I started to eat much better in Japan.. the thing I changed the most was eating less sugary food. I started noticing my skin got better within days! That is to say my blackheads were sprouting less and less.
Question: breakout trouble! tell me your best skin care product and for sensitive skin? ok well i have great skin but sometimes i get a breakout that lastes like 2 months. can someone tell me their best skin cream, wash, or any thing thats for sensitive skin and that wont my face look oily at all thanks:).

Answer:: I used to have skin just like this. Here is what you do to fix it:.it. Soda, sugar, salty buttery stuff, white flour, and anything that has preservatives in it is definately NOT helping you. WATER water water water. Drink at least 64 ounces. I get those big chunky Smart Water bottles and drink 2 a day.
are you having trouble determining your skin type or do you have skin ... Every now and then I crave sugar but I do my best not to snack and stave away from sweet things - or just indulge a little over the weekend..


I drank a ton of rose flower tea (bought in HK - heaven sent!) AND ginseng in hot water constantly, altogether for the total of 2 weeks . Both ginseng and rose flower have amazing properties.. I like having warm drinks and also I prefer drink these instead of just water. This helped to flush out the toxins as well as keeping my skin hydrated. I'm still drinking them both now because they make me feel calm and energized! I also dramatically cut down on coffee too.

Exercising intensively - lately I have exercised A LOT. Two Saturdays ago my skin was looking red and blotchy. It had improved but I had picked my pimples (ones that were "ready" to come out" and they did look worse than it really was lol). That evening, I tried out Bikram yoga, aka hot yoga - OH MY GOSH I sweated SO much!! I sweated buckets and buckets. It was just what I needed - it flushed out a lot of toxins that had remained. Also the next day (sunday) I had two tennis classes - again I sweated quite a lot in those classes.
Question: Please help me out with skin care - 10 pts for the best answer.? Recently I have realized I am fighting with what seems to be a losing battle. I have uncomplicated acne. Nothing major that I should worry about but enough to want to fix this problem. I have what I think you would call "combination skin. Sorry, I am skin care illiterate so I am unsure therefore.

Answer:: Neutrogena has a line of acne products.
The funny thing was that my mother in law commented how skin suddenly got better after taking the yoga class!


In HK I bought and used the Country and Stream Orange Clear lotion - I chose it because it was suppose to be moisturising as well as exfoliating (I didn't bring my peeling gel with me). I used this day in day out - until half bottle down. I have wondered if this could be a culprit to my never-ending bumpy forehead and my guess was right - I stopped using it and within days my forehead did get better (as well as to switching it to different products like below) Not to say it was the sole culprit but it wasn't doing ANY good to my skin either. It had to go! I went for a organic rose lotion instead (below).

Switching to mild acne care skin range -

I have already mentioned this product before... this is a mild and soothing toner that contains salicylic acid, which helps to prevent pimples black heads. I nearly always use this on my t-zones, and sometimes on the whole face, depending on how I feel. love the fact it's alcohol free and it's non-drying (however it's not moisturising at all).
Question: What is a basic no-frill skin care regimen for my troubled skin? I have oily skin, with the first signs of aging on my face. My body skin is oily in places and dry in others. I am prone to skin wounds that are difficult to heal. What is a no frill skin care regimen I can follow with common drugstore brands.

Answer:: Common drug store brands are rarely the way to go.go. I would suggest that you consider that you have nutritional deficiencies. Read as much Natural health material as you can get your hands on.on.
 As well as using the toner, I started to incorporate this in my regime about two weeks ago and it daresay it's done wonders for my skin! It's very light on the skin - great for oily skin. It's definitely not as moisturising as other emulsions i have used but it's good for oily skin days and the t-zone. I'm still using this everyday and I like to top up with a non-greasy...


https://youtube. com/devicesupport.


Young skin for life
Young skin for life
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"...a welcome relief from all the hype & advertising that accompany high-profile skin-care products & regimes."-Booklist
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