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Don't Let Combination Skin Interfere With Your Anti

Question: Is this enough for a good combination skin care routine? I use a clearasil blackhead sea salt scrub at night, and in the morning i use a neutrogena oil free gel wash. I usually add a little lotion to just my cheeks but I don't know what to use or where to get an oil free moisturizer. Any kitchen ingredient treatments would be great too.

Answer:: Well here's my 3 Skin Care Products advice for a good skin care routine. Your washing sounds very good, but yeah if you have acne skin try a,.a.aa. And for all over more glowy clear soft skin,. take Hair Skin And Nail vitamins everyday (I get mine from GNC. ) Also, increase your water intake. Clinique and.
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If you feel like the skin on different parts of your face reacts to your aging skincare routine in completely different ways, you may have combination skin. Being one of the most difficult skin types to deal with, combination skin tends to produce skin with oily properties along the nose, forehead and chin.

These oily areas can be hard to treat, however, since the rest of the face can range from dry to normal. If you feel like your attempts to deal with the effects of aging are only making things worse, don't give up. There are ways to help people of all skin types keep their skin healthy and looking great.

Determining Skin Types
If you're not sure whether you have combination skin or one of the other skin types, there's a quick way to find out. Wash your face gently and pat it dry. Then, go on with your day for an hour or so. Once the hour has passed, get a clean tissue and blot your face carefully with a tissue. Oily skin produces a mark on the tissue. Dry skin will produce no mark and usually looks flaky or tight in the mirror.

Question: What is a good skin care regimin for combination skin? I have combination skin oily/dry. I have found it be the best one. ( I have sensitive skin too). I don't where any makeup often also I have trouble with the pores what can I do to make my pores smaller and cleaner I guess. Any products that you know work or natural stuff too.

Answer:: I have the same problem as you. Dont wash your face three times a day it will only make the dry areas over dry and the oily areas greasy, stick to twice a day. Soap will make your skin more dry, try using a face wash which is soap free and is for combination skin try this indian product i dont know if it will be available to you in your area.
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If you blot part of your face and get an oily mark on the tissue, but find that other areas don't leave a mark, you're probably in the combination skin types. People with combination skin find that some areas of their face naturally produce more oil than others. This is normal, and all you really need to do is identify the special care requirements of each area of your face, then care for them individually. This can make your anti aging routine take a little longer than it would for someone with completely dry or oily skin. You don't have to suffer through excessive acne or flaking, however.

Caring for Combination Skin
If you have combination skin, use gentle cleansers and techniques. The harshest substance your facial wash should contain is salicylic acid, which can help control oil in some areas while keeping the skin hydrated in others. Don't scrub or use drying soaps. Use a noncomedogenic sunscreen in a gel or light lotion formulation to protect your skin from the aging effects of the sun's rays without creating oil problems.

Moisturize daily, using different formulations if your skin varies significantly.
Question: what is the best skin care combination? I just started to try the clean and clear kit, but so far it's not working as well as proactive did. can somebody shed some light on what (non-prescription) treatment actually works.

Answer:: Anything by Mario Badescu is how i keep my skin clear:. They will send you completely free samples, and give you a questionaire thing about your skin so they can tell you what products are good for you. Seriously that stuff keeps my skin clear, clear, CLEAR. However remember:. Moisturize. Acne medicine topical gel(optional). It doesn't have to be a set.
OLAY SKIN ADAPT CLEANSING MILK(&) OLAY 7 SIGNS ANTI-AGING CLEANSING ... There's no rule that says you have to use the same product on all areas of your face. Choose moisturizers for oily skin over your T-zone: the forehead, nose, and chin, which are often greasy. Along the cheeks and sides of your face, stick to a moisturizer for normal to dry skin, this will keep these areas from becoming scaly and uncomfortable.

If you choose an exfoliator to remove dead skin, make sure it's a gentle one. Avoid harsh, scratchy products that can irritate the dry parts of your face. You may also wish to consider a clarifying toner product, which can remove small amounts of dirt or cleanser residue while temporarily shrinking pores on the nose, forehead and cheeks. Choose gentle products marked as noncomedogenic whenever possible.

People of all skin types can fight the effects of aging without causing damage or discomfort. This process can be a little more difficult if you have combination skin, but learning to treat the different parts of your face individually can make your efforts a success. If your skin just doesn't seem to cooperate, take some time to look at your current routine.
Question: which mac foundation and powder would be good for my combination skin? I'm wanting to try Mac Cosmetics, which product would be the best for combination skin. Care to list any of your favorite products from them.

Answer:: I now have two different foundations from them: Pro Longwear and Studio Fix Powder Plus. My favorite of the two is definitely Pro Longwear, it is a great natural matte finish foundation with a heavy medium coverage (not full) that lasts FOREVER. The foundation is supposed to last up to 15 hours.
A small change could make a big difference.

Ways To Take Care Of Combination Skin

Question: what is the best face moisturizer for combination skin? I have a combination skin (oily in the T-zone area and dry and sensitive on my cheeks and the rest of my face). Can anyone recommend me a brand that is good in moisturizers and skin care for combination skin. I don't care.

Answer:: Well I myself also have combo skin. Usually during my showers, I scrub with Neutrogena OIL-FREE acne scrub. I focus on my t-zone and chin, since thats what needs exfoliating due to acne scars. Then, while my pores are opened from scrubbing and shower steam, I use the Neutrogena oil-free foaming cleanser. Once a week (or more depending on how bad.
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The same goes for combination skin . Where combination skin is concerned it is simple the merger of both oily and dry skin. This makes it more difficult to care for two kinds of skin types on the same face. This is so because the solutions for oily skin are completely opposite to the remedies for dry skin .

In combination skin , the cheeks are on the drier side whereas the forehead, nose and chin have the oily texture. Here we provide you with the best solutions to take good care of combination skin and keep your face healthy and youthful as ever-

How To Take Care Of Combination Skin

Some Simple Tips To Maintain Combination Skin

The Importance of Cleansing

Cleansing will not only make sure that all the accumulated dirt and oil from the T zone has been flushed out but also a soap free and moisturizing cleanser will nourish the dry and flaky areas of the face.

Question: How to care for combination skin? I have really bad combination skin. what are some good face washes or any other skin care products for combination skin.

Answer:: I have combination skin also, but not in the same areas you do.do. I highly recommend Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It is very gentle and good for almost all skin types. It is also pretty moisturizing and.
fruity-fresh skin pampering experience, with the caring power of ...The cleansers that lather will only worsen the situation of dry areas. A gentle facial wash will make sure that the skin is hydrated daily without any harm to the quality.

Carry Exfoliation Of The Oily Section

Since exfoliators are something that is not recommended for dry skin, try and use a good quality exfoliator for the T zone.

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The active ingredients will make sure that all the dead cells from the face and cleaned and help in renewal. Exfoliating strips are also available in the market for the purpose. This solution can be followed 2-3 times in a week for perfect outcomes.

Don’t Avoid Sunscreen

A sunscreen is a must have for all those who have the issues of combination skin. Make sure you apply a good SPF content sun lotion every time you step out of the house. Perfect for all the seasons, sunscreen should be applied before make up for keeping the combination skin healthy and acne free.

Use A Non-Greasy Moisturizer

To moisturize the combination skin and keep it deeply nourished it is always important to use a moisturizer.

Question: Caring for combination Skin??! Help? I have combination/normal skin. Also my skin is pretty clear even though I do not really put a lot of care into it.it. I want to put more care into my skin though because i know that.

Answer:: Clinique's skincare line for dry/combination skin :D.D.DD. You can buy them seperately to
Caring for Normal & Combination Skin No matter what the kin type, a moisturizer plays a significant role in the daily regime of the skin. However, for a combination skin try and use the non-oily formula moisturizers available on the racks. Make sure the product is light in nature and one that keeps oil and clogged pores at bay.

Products Especially Designed For Combination Skin

Use only those products that mention combination skin type . This will make sure that they have all the ingredients to safeguard and simple improve the conditions of the skin texture. Even the make up products that you opt for should be those that are manufactured for combination skin specially.

These quick and easy steps will keep the combination skin healthy and radiant as ever as well as enhance you beauty.

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